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  • 10 Facts About Cambodia That’ll Make You Go Angkor WAT?!

    Klook Team
    Klook Team
    Last updated 14 Mar 2020
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    Get to know more about Cambodia!

    Cambodia is a southeast Asian country that is VISA-FREE for us Filipinos! There are a ton of interesting facts you probably didn’t know about that will draw you to the beautiful country of Cambodia.. Keep reading to know more about this unique city – PLUS how you can get an awesome deal on our favorite Cambodia activities below!

    1. It is the only flag that features a building

    Out of all 195 countries in the world, Cambodia is the only one that features a building on their flag. Featuring a depiction of the world-renowned Angkor Wat, it symbolizes justice, integrity, and heritage. Unsurprisingly, this is because Angkor Wat was built during the Khmer Empire and has been in place since the 12th century!

    2. Angelina Jolie’s latest Netflix movie was set and filmed in Cambodia!

    Photo from Netflix
    Hollywood Star Angelina Jolie directed the Cambodia-set Netflix film, First They Killed My Father, which centers on the horrific truths of the Khmer Rouge.
    You can check out some of the film sites on our Phnom Penh Hop-on Hop-off Killing Fields Tour and Genocide Museum to learn more about Cambodia’s dark past. History buffs and film aficionados alike are sure to find this tour interesting!

    3. Cambodia gained popularity when Tomb Raider was released

    Photos from IMDB
    When Tomb Raider was first released in 2001, many viewers were fascinated by the film’s out of this world location. If you shared the same sentiments, you’ll be surprised to know that it was actually filmed in Cambodia, specifically Ta Prohm — now one of the most visited temples in the country.
    Having a significant impact on Cambodia, tourism flourished as thousands around the world flocked to this destination to get a glimpse of the popular temples.

    4. Tonle Sap River is a rare water wonder

    Tonle Sap in Cambodia is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. If this doesn’t fascinate you enough, do you know that this lake flows in two different directions? Based on the seasons, the lake’s waters changes its flow direction twice a year.
    At the edge of the lake, you can also explore a floating village called Chong Khneas where markets, fisheries, clinics, and more are located. Even more so, it contains an exceptional amount of biodiversity and was designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1997!
    You can cruise along Tonle Sap and Mekong River with Klook as you listen to traditional khmer music, enjoy the sunset, and marvel at the Phnom Penh skyline.

    5. There are over 4,000 discovered temples in Cambodia

    Cambodia is dotted with temples – 4,000 discovered ones to be exact. While that may seem like a crazy amount, you’ll be surprised to know that there are even more hidden temples that haven’t been documented!
    The largest of the 4,000 documented temples is Angkor Wat, the most popular temple in the country – and for good reason! Consisting of ancient tombs, pagodas, bridges, and even more ruins within its walls, this attraction is definitely a sight to see when in Cambodia!

    6. US Dollar is the unofficial second currency used in Cambodia

    For those who have never been to Cambodia, it might come as a shock to you that locals accept payment in USD (US Dollar). Some shops even quote their prices in dollars, and all ATMs dispense USD. Often however, change will be given in their local currency.
    #KlookTip: Bring a lot of $1 notes as they are very useful for tipping and buying souvenirs.

    7. Cambodia is famous for its exotic delicacies

    Arachnida such as spiders and scorpions, reptiles like snakes, and insects like maggots, cockroaches, and crickets are all cooked up and eaten in Cambodia. All these creepy crawlies are a must try for the brave-hearted travelers who don’t mind a little antennas and pincers down their throats!

    8. The best way to travel is by tuktuk

    Aboard a tuktuk, you can travel almost anywhere in the country! It’s one of Cambodia’s main modes of transportation that can give you a one of a kind, hassle-free, breezy experience.
    With sufficient coverage similar to a carriage, the tuktuk is much safer than riding a motorcycle. You can take it to your Angkor Wat adventure, your city to city journeys, or even to an exciting night at Pub Street.

    9. Cambodia has altered its name 4 times over the past 60 years

    In the past 60 years, Cambodia went through a number of name changes. The first one being ‘The Kingdom of Cambodia,’ then ‘The Khmer Republic’. And then later ‘Democratic Kampuchea’ during the Khmer Rouge, and then ‘The People’s Republic of Kampuchea’ after the war had ended, as a suggestion by the Vietnamese.
    Today, the monarchy has chosen to use the original name, ‘The Kingdom of Cambodia,’ which is what we know it as now.

    10. Siem Reap has an awesome night life

    Beyond the temples and creepy crawlies, Siem Reap boasts a night life that can rival those of Thailand. For the ultimate nightlife experience, visit Pub Street – which is just a tuktuk ride away from the famous temples.
    Here you’ll discover lively pubs and restaurants, and even a night market for the souvenir shopping you have yet to finish! End the night at one of the neon-lit bars and down a beer for as low as P25!

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