Explore the Best of Jiufen and Shifen in A Day

Klook team
Klook team
21 Apr 2020
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Escape to the outskirts of Taipei

With just three months left until our visa-free entry to Taiwan may possibly be lifted, we can’t think of a better time to visit the country known for milk tea and night markets! Though Taipei is an obvious choice for all first timers, we highly encourage making time for a quick day trip out of the city to discover all the other wonders Taiwan can offer.
Trade in Taipei’s bustling streets for Shifen’s laidback scene and Jiufen’s quaint mountain town. With Klook’s Jiufen Shuttle Bus Transfer from Ximen, tourists will be welcomed into an experience worlds away from Taipei’s vibrant energy in just under 60 minutes!
Keep reading to find out how to avail of our shuttle transfer plus our top picks of what to do, see, and eat below!

How to get there

jiufen shuttle transfer
Travelling to Shifen or Jiufen on your own will be costly and time-consuming. It involves several transfers and locating the next transport station, so with a short amount of time to explore – booking yourself (and your pals) a Jiufen Shuttle Bus transfer from Ximen is your best bet.
Don’t forget to rent out your own 4G WiFi device so you can maximize your trip even further – whether it be for restaurant recommendations, or navigating your way through the city, a portable WiFi device will be your best friend.
Day Trip Itinerary
Tourists can choose from two schedules: 9:30 AM departure or 1:30 PM departure. Do note that the bus will leave those who are late and do not adhere to the schedule provided below.
But don’t fret – the time provided in this schedule is more than enough to enjoy all of Jiufen and Shifen’s most popular tourist attractions.



Shifen Old Street
Shifen Old Street
You’ve probably come across a similar image on your Instagram feed before – and we’re glad to say that you can get a similar shot at Shifen Old Street! This sky lantern activity is one of, if not the most, popular activity in Shifen – and for good reason! Not only is it instagrammable, but it makes for a great memory whether you’re travelling solo, with friends, or with family.
*Cost for sky lanterns are not included in the shuttle bus tour.
Pingxi Railway Train
pingxi railway train
You can either catch a sight of the Pingxi Railway Train, or hop on board at any of its 7 stations (Sandioling, Dahua, Shifen, Wanggu, Lingjiao, Pingxi, or Jingtong), during your time in Shifen. This popular train quite literally squeezes its way through narrow roads bordering local street vendors. If we were you, we’d have our cameras out in an instant to snap a pic!
Shifen Waterfalls
shifen waterfalls
If it’s your first time in Shifen, you must visit the Shifen Waterfalls! Many call this “Little Niagra of Taiwan” due to its horseshoe shape and powerful and it is truly a sight to behold! Be sure to bring a raincoat so as you don’t get wet!


LionGe BBQ Stuffed Wings
If you ask the locals for food recommendation, many would point you in the direction of LionGe BBQ Stuffed Wings. This isn’t your ordinary chicken wings – and with its flavourful BBQ sauce, it’s sure to be a meal you’ll never forget.
Fried Cuttlefish
So simple, but oh-so-delicious! Taiwanese are famed for their Fried Cuttlefish, and several stalls by the rail tracks sell quite possibly the best ones (in our opinion)!
Fish Ball Soup
fish ball soup
If here in the Philippines, we serve fish balls on a stick, the Taiwanese serve it with soup – and it’s more fragrant that you think! For Filipino street food apologists, you may just make an exception for this yummy delicacy.



Jiufen Old Street
For a food trip like no other, there’s no better place to go than Jiufen Old Street! Hundreds of food stalls line the hillside village, so be sure to have a ton of room for milk tea, noodles, rice cakes, and more!
Shengping Theatre
Jiufen is known for not one, but two films, namely “Spirited Away” and Taiwanese movie “City of Sadness.” That said, it doesn’t come as a shock that the city is home to an old-style movie theatre called the Shengping Theatre, which tourists are very much welcome to visit.
Traditional teahouses
amei teahouse
Nestled in between the hundreds of food stalls and souvenir shops inside Jiufen Old Street, you’ll find a handful of quaint, traditional teahouses. One of the more popular ones include Amei Teahouse, which not only is featured in the film “Spirited Away,” but also happens to be the trademark image of Jiufen.


Peanut Ice Cream
peanut ice cream
The great thing about the Peanut Ice Cream is that it’s as satisfying to see it being made as it is to eat it. Watch the stall owners delicately roll the peanut shavings around the ice cream and it’ll sure have your stomach grumbling!
Glutinous Rice Cakes
Don’t be taken aback by the word “glutinous” just yet! This delicacy is a hit with both locals and tourists – and for good reason! The rice cakes are perfect to eat as a meal or as dessert, or both – we won’t judge!
Stinky Tofu
stinky tofu
You definitely won’t need to look far and wide for this local delicacy – because you’ll smell it right away. It doesn’t exactly have the most appealing smell, but it sure is delicious. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it!
Taro Balls
You may have seen taro balls being sold all over Taipei’s night markets – but nothing beats Grandma Lai’s taro balls! This chewy delight comes in an assortment of flavours that’ll make the top of your Taiwan food list!

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