17 Tokyo Street Food You Can Enjoy For JPY200 (PHP100) or Less!

14 Mar 2020
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Have a taste of Tokyo on-the-go!

With the recent hike in the Japan consumption tax from 8% to 10%, it’s getting more expensive now to dine in the restaurants. But fret not because Tokyo has plenty of yummy street food items to help keep you within budget but not missing out on the delicious food.
Plus, those getting takeaway, you can also avoid the 10% tax! Just make sure to say “O-mochi kaeri (I’ll take it to go)” so that they will calculate your total cost with 8% consumption tax instead.
Prices mentioned in the article are estimates and based on the average costs at the time of publishing.

1. Taiyaki

This popular fish-shaped waffle pancake is a common street food item that you can find not just across Tokyo but overall in Japan. Usually filled with sweet red bean filling, they’re best eaten warm! There are also vendors with a modern take on the traditional taiyaki, offering different flavours from custard cream to chocolate, sakura, matcha and more!
Price: ~ JPY150

2. Oden

A quintessential Japanese comfort food, oden is the equivalent of the chicken noodle soup of Japan! Simmering in massive sauna of dashi broth are various ingredients from fish cakes to root vegetables, tofu, konjac, and more. Simply pick the item you want and you’ll be served with some of the flavourful broth – perfect for those cold and chilly days!
Price: JPY100 & above per item

3. Dango

A Japanese treat with mochi-like balls served on bamboo skewers, this adorable Japanese treat can be quite filling. They come in many different varieties and flavours, both sweet and salty, so you can treat them as either a savoury snack or dessert! Not sure which one to try? You can’t go wrong with the traditional dango brushed with a sticky soy sauce glaze!
Price: JPY100 – JPY200

4. Melon pan

Despite being called a melon pan, there’s actually no melon in this bun. Named after the melon-like appearance from the crisp top layer, they’re similar to Hong Kong’s pineapple bun and the Mexican concha. When in Tokyo, you must try the famous melon pan in Asakusa! Opt for their melon pan ice cream sandwich with a few hundred yen extra!
Price: ~ JPY200

5. Menchi katsu (Ground meat cutlet)

Anything deep fried has got to be good and the same goes for menchi katsu, a Japanese ground meat cutlet made using beef, pork, or a mixture of both. Crunchy panko coating on the outside and juicy tender meat on the inside, it’s the perfect street food item. Head to Satou for their famous menchi katsu, made using high quality wagyu beef at just JPY200 per piece!
Price: ~ JPY200

6. Candied Fruits

Why settle for regular fruits when you can have candied fruits? Just a tad bit sweeter than your favorite fruits, candied fruits take your tastebuds on a ride with its explosive flavor! The glazed fruits allow for a semi-hard exterior followed by a soft juicy bite – you might catch yourself asking for more! But since it’s fruits, it’s technically healthy, right?
Price: JPY100 – JPY200

7. Takoyaki

An iconic Japanese street food snack that has made its way across the globe, you can bet you’ll find some damn good ones in the streets of Tokyo. Made with a piece of octopus encased in a wheat flour and vegetable batter, watching takoyaki being made is part of the fun too! The Minatoya stall in Ameyoko sells a plate 4-piece takoyaki for just JPY200. You can opt for the 6-piece or 8-piece too for a better value.
Price: JPY200 for 4

8. Soft serve

Photo Credit: tilex for Flickr
Universally-loved by most, you can always count on some soft serve ice-cream to satisfy that dessert craving. When in Tokyo, you have to get the matcha flavour at least once. Besides that, other interesting flavours worth trying are sakura, ramune, grape, Hokkaido milk, and more!
Price: ~ JPY200

9. Senbei (Rice cracker)

This traditional Japanese snack is a must-try when in Tokyo! While you may have eaten plenty of rice crackers in your days, nothing beats the freshly made ones. Look out for vendors that prepare and grill the rice crackers on-the-spot! The vendors that are attached to a store also usually have a wide selection of pre-packed rice crackers in different flavours and toppings you can’t find elsewhere.
Price: ~ JPY150

10. Daifuku

A popular Japanese confection, you can easily find daifuku in street food stalls to convenience stalls, department stores, restaurants, and more. It’s a round mochi the size of a golf ball stuffed with anko (sweetened red bean paste). They also come in many other different fillings and flavours from custard cream to matcha, chocolate, sakura and more.
Price: JPY200

11. Tamagoyaki

Egg-lovers, the tamagoyaki is a street food you’ll get egg-cited over! Fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth, this Japanese omelette is equal parts sweet and savoury. Served in a rectangular shape on a stick, the making of tamagoyaki process is quite enrapturing!
Price: JPY100 – JPY150

12. Onigiri

Affordable and filling, onigiri is like the heftier sibling of sushi. It’s made from white rice formed into a triangular or circular shape and wrapped in nori (toasted seaweed). They are often packed with filling in the center or are seasoned before being shaped. Perfect to grab on-the-go, you’re bound to find onigiri at most of Japanese picnic spread!
Price: ~ JPY150

13. Yakitori

Yakitori is grilled skewers made typically from all parts of the chicken from different cuts of meat to innards, organs, and skin. Grilled over charcoal, you can have them brushed with tare sauce or plain with salt. This classic street food eat also makes for the perfect accompaniment for drinking, hence you’ll often see them served in izakaya (casual Japanese bar) as well.
Price: JPY100 – JPY200 & above per item

14. Korokke

Photo Credit: Leng Cheng for Flickr
Similar to the French croquette, the Japanese korokke is a deep-fried breaded mashed potato. You can get different types from the plain ones to those combined with minced meat, cheese, seafood, or vegetables. They also do korokke with various cream fillings, which usually cost slightly more!
Price: JPY100 – JPY200 & above for premium selections

15. Fried Chicken Cutlets

Juicy, crunchy and tender – there’s just something about Japan’s chicken cutlets that make them so irresistible! You’ll find these delectable snacks all over the country and market or street food vendor you’ll come across, but more popularly, they can be found in every chain convenience store in the country such as Lawson and Family Mart.
Price: ~ JPY150-180

16. Imagawayaki

If you’ve tried the famous Japanese fluffy pancakes then you’ll love imagawayaki! This sweet snack is crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and typically contains either red bean paste or custard. If you’re looking for something sweet to counter a savory meal, this is one street food item you should try!
Price: ~JPY100-150

17. Choco-Banana

Just as its name suggests, this snack a chocolate coated banana dessert often covered in colorful sprinkles. Food stall vendors offer this snack in various kinds of chocolate – from milk chocolate all the way to white chocolate perfect for all those sweet-tooth cravings!
Price: ~JPY200

18. Ikayaki

Ikayaki, or grilled squid, is a filling yet delicious delicacy you can pick up at most, if not all, street food stalls. Some might think it isn’t the most appetizing, but the simplicity in the way it is cooked and coated with soy sauce allows for a surprisingly flavourful experience.
Price: ~JPY170 to 200

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