10 Must-Try Shanghai Disneyland Food That Are Equal Parts Adorable And Yummy!

14 Mar 2020
Shanghai Disneyland Food 2

Shanghai Disneyland food

Throw away your notion that theme park food is overpriced and tastes bad because over at Shanghai Disneyland, you’re in for a treat! Not only are the food items extremely cute, the ones we’ve tried taste pretty good. Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat, popcorn to munch on while watching the parade or a full meal, we’ve got your back – check it out!

1. Olaf Waffle

shanghai disneyland food olaf waffle
Who doesn’t love ice cream and waffles! Even more so when they’re shaped after our favourite snowman, Olaf! The waffles are buttery, crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Paired with a swirl of Vanilla soft serve, this is one sweet treat that is almost too cute to eat. 
You can get this at Il Paperino, located at Mickey Avenue.  

2. Peking duck pizza (Included For Shanghai Disneyland Meal Coupon Use)

shanghai disneyland pizza
Did you really go to China if you didn’t have Peking Duck? This Peking Duck pizza from the Pinocchio Village Kitchen was one of our favourite savoury dishes. Lined with smoked duck pieces, shredded cucumber and spring onion for an added crunch and a drizzle of sweet smoky sauce, you’ll be gobbling up every inch of it. 
P.S. Grab a seat in the courtyard outside and you’ll be dining against a backdrop of the biggest Sleeping Beauty Castle in the world!

3. Pastries and sweet treats

Shanghai Disneyland Food
Shanghai Disneyland Food
These Mickey-shaped sweet treats are not just pretty to look at, they taste pretty darn good! Perfect as a mid-afternoon snack to munch on while catching the Mickey’s Storybook Express parade, our top picks are the White Chocolate Donut and the Chocolate Chunk Muffin
These can be bought from Remy’s Patisserie along Mickey Avenue.
This Shellie May shaped Panna Cotta is definitely a crowd-pleaser. The new SUPERSTARS of the Disney parks, Duffy and his friends make the food taste way better just by looking cute.
You can find these at the Mickey and Pals Market Café, Remy’s Patisserie and Il Paperino.
Shanghai Disneyland Food
As the festive season draws closer, you can’t miss out on the classic Christmas treats like Candy Apples. This Mickey themed Candy Apple isn’t just cute enough to become a Christmas Ornament for your tree, it tastes pretty good too. 
There are also Chocolate dipped Rice Krispie treats for a sugar rush before conquering the rides. 
If you’re visiting in the summer, or prefer to eat ice cream when they don’t melt so quickly in the winter, a Mickey-shaped ice cream will do the trick! You truly can’t go wrong with Vanilla ice cream coated in milk chocolate. 

4. Barbeque (Included For Shanghai Disneyland Meal Coupon Use)

Shanghai Disneyland Food
Shanghai Disneyland Food
Feast on some grilled delights over at Barbossa’s Bounty and you might rub shoulders with Captain Jack Sparrow as he makes his rounds. This is the only restaurant you can dine at AND enjoy the views of other theme park goers on the Pirates of the Carribean ride! 
Tuck into a hearty meal of Barbequed Shanghai Ribs or Barbequed Fish over a bed of rice and served with a side of greens. 

5. Noodles (Included For Shanghai Disneyland Meal Coupon Use)

If you’re missing a piece of home, tuck into a bowl of laksa right there in Shanghai Disneyland. Yes, you saw right, laksa! For the uninitiated, laksa is a bowl of rice noodles swimming in a spicy coconut shrimp broth. These come served with the cutest looking hard-boiled eggs. 
You can find this at the Mickey and Pals Market Cafe.

6. Popcorn

Is it really a trip to the theme park if you don’t come out with a cute popcorn holder! But, cute designs aside, the real gold lies inside these accessories. Over at Shanghai Disneyland, you’ll not just find the usual suspects Caramel popcorn, the flavours can get pretty wild. Steak, Cherry, Strawberry and more. 

7. Turkey leg 

A theme park classic and irrefutably the MOST popular snack in Shanghai Disneyland is the good ol’ Turkey Leg. The lines for these are the longest out of all snack carts and you’re limited to a maximum purchase of 2 legs per person. 
You can also find a smaller turkey wing but we say GO ALL OUT! 
You’ll find these gems at Tortuga Treats in Treasure Island.

8. Avengers burgers 

Need we say more? If you want to save the world like the Avengers from Marvel, you better fuel up! Head over to the Stargazer Grill in Tomorrowland and chow down on these superstar burgers. 
P.S. We recommend having this AFTER your Tron Lightcycle ride.

9. Pretzels and Churros

Another theme park favourite is definitely Pretzels and Churros! You’ll find BOTH of these at the Snackin Kraken. The Mickey Shaped Pretzel is soft and yummy with the perfect amount of salt crusts on top. This is served warm with a packet of mustard. 

10. Drinks

If you’re looking for a hot drink to warm you up on a cold day, we’ll definitely go for the Olaf Cream Nougat Flavored White Chocolate drink! Not only is it cute and comes with a white chocolate Olaf on top, but the sweet treat will also warm up any cold body. 
We know how some of us eat, sleep, breathe and bleed bubble tea, and if you’re a boba fanatic, you’ll be glad to know that you can get your cravings satisfied even in Disneyland. Before heading into the park, drop by Disneytown and grab a cup of HeyTea or Happy Lemon! 

Getting Shanghai Disneyland tickets

shanghai disneyland tickets
With so much to see, do and even eat in Shanghai Disneyland, the last thing you’d want is to be stuck outside queuing up for tickets. Pre-book your tickets on Klook and you’ll get to head straight to the turnstiles, scan your mobile e-voucher and head in. 
Don’t forget to bring your passport as you will be asked to verify your identity. 

Shanghai Disneyland Meal Voucher 

Pair your admission ticket with a Klook Exclusive Shanghai Disneyland meal coupon to enjoy savings on your meals in the park. Not only will you save up to 16% on your meals, you don’t have to worry about fumbling for cash especially if you’re not an e-payment (WeChat Pay) user. 
Redeem a standard meal combos that comes with a drink at the following outlets within the park: 
  1. Mickey and Pals Market Cafe
  2. Tribal Table
  3. Tangled Tree Tavern
  4. Barbossa’s Bounty
  5. Pinocchio Village Kitchen
You can also opt for the Lumiere’s Character Dinner Buffet if you’re feeling fancy! 

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