What You Need To Know Before Visiting Avilon Zoo: Entrance Fees, New Park Hours and Guidelines, Discounts and More!

Felicia Dei
Felicia Dei
11 Feb 2021
avilon zoo

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What to Expect at Avilon Zoo in Rizal

Get ready for a fun-filled day at Avilon Zoo! We’re sure it’s been a long time since you’ve last been to the zoo, so we’re excited to share that Avilon Zoo in Rizal has re-opened their doors to the public once again, with COVID-19 guidelines and precautions in place. After months in quarantine, a trip to Avilon Zoo might just be what you need. Whether you’re with the kids or on a date, a trip to this outdoor attraction will surely be an eventful one. 

About Avilon Zoo

avilon zoo
Avilon Zoo is the largest zoological institution in the Philippines, sprawling over 7.5 hectares of land that is home to 3000+ specimens of exotic wildlife. The Rizal-based zoo is also home to over 500 species of varying birds, marine animals, invertebrates and more - all of which you can expect to interact with during your stay through feeding and entertainment activities!  
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Avilon Zoo prides itself on their conservation efforts - much of which visitors will get a chance to learn more about during their stay. Discussions led by professional staff and informative signages will cover what you need to know about certain species, their status in the wild, and what Avilon Zoo is doing to preserve these species and the environment. 

Avilon Zoo Animals, Attractions and Activities

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There is so much to discover in such little time! With more than 500 varying species of animals calling this place home, you’re bound to spot your favorite animals and new ones as well. According to National Geographic, nearly half of the creatures found in the Philippines exist nowhere else in the world - so chances are, you might just spot a rare one at Avilon Zoo, too!
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Among the many, many animals found here, there are a couple we think you should keep an eye out for: the Northern Luzon Cloud Rat, White Civet Cat, Honey Buzzard, the Samar Cobra, the Philippine Falconet, the Spotted Hyena and the Rufous Hornbill to name a few. 
As previously mentioned, you can expect several animal encounters during your stay including giraffe and alligator feeding to photo-ops with parrots and snakes! 

2021 Avilon Zoo Health and Safety Guidelines

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In light of the pandemic, Avilon Zoo has made amendments to its park guidelines and restrictions to adhere to the IATF’s health and safety guidelines. Read more below:
  1. Book your tickets online through Klook or www.avilonzoo.ph. All tickets must be purchased online as on-site ticketing is temporarily unavailable.
  2. Confirm your visit at least one (1) day prior by calling their landline (+632-89483986) or sending a message via Avilon Zoo’s Facebook page
  3. Temperature check, hand sanitation and foot bath disinfection will be required upon entry. Individuals with a body temperature of 37.5 and above will NOT be allowed to enter the premises.
  4. A minimum of 1-meter physical distancing should be observed at all times
  5. Face masks and face shields are to be worn at all times.
  6. A maximum of five (5) persons per group will be allowed during the tour.
  7. Children aged 0-12 must be accompanied by a paying adult. Children who are 1 year old or younger may enter for free.
  8. Tour Guide services are temporarily suspended. A numbered tour route with signages has been set up to guide guests. Please follow the numbered routes for a safe and enjoyable tour. 

Operating Hours and Contact Information

Being the largest zoological institution in the country, you can expect that it’ll take some time to cover the entire zoo. That said, take note of their new schedule and plan accordingly. 
Avilon Zoo in Rizal is open daily, from Monday through Sunday, and most holidays as well. For their holiday schedule, visit their Facebook page for regular updates.
Operating Hours: Everyday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Telephone: 8-9483986 / 09262620539
Social Media: Facebook page

How much is the entrance fee? Where to Buy tickets?

Walk-In Rate: 
  • Regular - PHP 800
  • Below 3ft - PHP 600
  • 12mos and Below - Free of charge
As of the moment, on-site ticketing is temporarily unavailable and all tickets to Avilon Zoo must be purchased online. You may purchase your Avilon Zoo tickets via Klook for 25% off their regular price for only Php 600 per person
Tickets purchased on Klook are open-dated and may be redeemed anytime before or after the selected date upon booking. However, visitors must confirm their visit with Avilon Zoo (via hotline or Facebook message) at least a day before their visit. 
Tickets are also available on www.avilonzoo.ph.
klook promo
Enjoy this Klook exclusive limited offer! Get your Avilon Zoo tickets for only Php 570 each when you check out with the promo code AVILONFIX. Discount applies to no more than (4) four tickets.
Promo valid until 28 Feb 2021.

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