10 Activities Night Owls Can Enjoy in Hong Kong After Midnight

14 Mar 2020

Who needs sleep?

You can always count on Hong Kong to be the lively and exciting city that it is – at any time of the day. So whether you’re fighting jet lag or you’re simply a night owl who’s down for some adventure, you’re sure to find something exciting in Hong Kong’s restless night scene. That said, grab an energy drink and take note of these Hong Kong activities perfect for you nocturnals!

1. Eat, eat, eat!

hong kong after midnight
There are an endless amount of restaurants and street food diners open until the wee hours to accommodate your hunger pangs! So whether you’re searching the streets for dim sum or Wan Chai’s Spicy Crab you’re sure to find a restaurant that’ll satisfy the belly!
For 24/7 service, head on over to Dai Pai Dong for endless food and conversations with your best buddies! Order up some congee, pork chop noodles and some fish balls for the group and make sure to wash it down with some Hong Kong Milk Tea! Or if you’ve got a specific craving for hot pot, Haidilao in Yau Ma Tei will surely quench your hotpot cravings!

2. Drink the night away at Lan Kwai Fong

lan kwai fong
If there’s one thing Hong Kong does best – it’s nightlife. The streets of Lan Kwai Fong are lined with bars and clubs that will truly transform your night into an exciting one. Locals and tourists alike gather in this cramped area for a drink with friends or to simply dance the night away – and we don’t blame them!
Kick things off with a Pub Crawl tour before heading off to bars like Rummin Tings, Lily and Bloom, The Woods, or Ping Pong for a nightlife experience like no other!

3. Take a hike

lantau peak
If you’re wide awake at 3AM and have grown tired of the usual nightlife agenda, change it up with a hike up Lantau Peak and catch the sunrise from the summit! Experience the mountainside beauty of Hong Kong and join in on this challenging group hike up one of the city’s toughest peaks! But once you reach the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent sunrise views over the city.

4. Hit the streets of Mongkok

From street food to local pubs and the DVD hawkers in between, Mongkok is the best place to experience the pulsating nightlife of Hong Kong! For travelers with long layovers looking to experience Hong Kong’s culture – there’s no better place to go for a quick visit. For hungry tummies, you can count on Hee Wan Roasted Kitchen’s roasted duck to give you a taste of Hong Kong’s gastronomic cuisine. Afterwards, burn those calories with a shopping trip through the city’s late-night clothing stores!

5. Go squid fishing

hong kong after midnight
If you’re up for something new, why not try squid fishing? Though this is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of nightlife, note that Hong Kong is a harbour city after all, so it’s filled with an abundant amount of seafood! As opposed to enjoying this junk trip in the daytime, grab your friends and go for a night time cruise and munch on delicious seasoned squid and cuttlefish – both of which can be enjoyed fresh only at night.

6. Get a dose of art and culture at The Fringe Club

fringe club
Nightlife in Hong Kong usually consists of a cocktail drink or two accompanied by a lot of small talk along the city’s neon-lit avenues. Mix up the routine by checking out The Fringe Club – an entertainment center featuring a bar, live music, book readings and art galleries! Who knew you could still discover more about Hong Kong’s contemporary culture so late in the night?
The Fringe Club
Address: 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 10pm | Fridays to Sundays: 12pm to 3am

7. Tour the city on bike

hong kong after midnight
During the daytime, biking around the city can get a bit hectic with the amount of people and vehicles on the streets. With much less chaos happening at night, it’s a lot easier to enjoy the city. This activity is definitely not just for the locals! Tourists can rent out bikes in the city for a number of days to minimize the cost of transportation, too.
Although you can surely bike through the main areas of the city like Central or Tsim Sha Tsui, we suggest biking through Tai Po and Tai Meu Tek to get views of Tolo Harbour and Plover Cove. To navigate the streets of Hong Kong, make sure you’ve got a reliable mobile internet connection to avoid getting lost!

8. Yau Mai Tei Fruit Sale Market

fruit market hong kong
If you’re an absolute nocturnal, maybe a trip to the Yau Mai Tei Fruit Sale Market is something you’d enjoy! Also known as gwo laan, this market is located near Waterloo Road and Reclamation Street, tucked in between century-old buildings. It can get really rowdy over here, but once the clamorous bargaining action is over – you get to munch on the freshest fruits perfect for a very early “breakfast”.

9. Find solace at the beach

hong kong after midnight
If you’re looking for some peace and quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, a quick serene escape to the beach might just be what you need. Take your loved one to Lamma’s Power Plant Beach and start the midnight off with a nice picnic accompanied by a good conversation. Alternatively, this is the perfect place to have a bonfire with a group of your friends, too!

10. Spontaneous trip to Macau?

When all else fails, maybe you’ll find what fits your needs one ferry away – in Macau! At nearly anytime of the day, including past midnight, you can book a ticket for a quick getaway to Macau! With the CotaiJet Ferry, you can travel to Macau in comfort and in lightning speed! Once you’ve arrived in Macau, make sure to explore the city’s world-class casinos and eat your weight in egg tarts! Check out our Macau travel guide to find out how you can enjoy your short stay!

Klook your way to Hong Kong

With so many exciting activities to take part in after midnight, you can expect that Hong Kong during the day is even more enjoyable! For more fun activities, check out our ongoing Hong Kong special sale and Klook the rest of your travel essentials!