Here’s How You Can Save RM150 On Your Year-End Holiday!

14 Mar 2020
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Maximise your year-end holiday with Klook!

Who says travelling has to cost a bomb? Let us show you how to save on your year end travel without compromising on the fun! If you’ve already started dreaming of your big year end holiday destination, read on as we tell you how to travel without breaking the bank. Even if you’ve got everything all planned out, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to make your travel that much more epic!

The Deal

Here’s how to unlock RM150 worth of savings on Klook with our big #JomHoliday year-end sale.
1. Add RM1,200 worth of products on the Klook App!
Unlock RM100 off your year-end travels when you checkout with promo code “JOMHOLIDAY100”! Remember, this promo code is app-exclusive, which means you can only check out with the RM100 discount when you download and book on the Klook mobile app. 
2. Cart out another RM800!
Unlock another RM50 off with “JOMHOLIDAY50”! This promo code is applicable to both Klook website as well as the mobile app.
How to apply the promo codes? For those unsure, follow our step-by-step guide on how you can easily apply promo codes on the Klook website and app.

How to hit RM1,200 minimum spend

You might be thinking, RM1,200 is a pretty large basket size and it sounds impossible to achieve. Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or with the whole gang, we’ve done the math for you and here’s how RM1,200 worth of activities, transport and attractions look like.


Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, many visitors flock to Japan to enjoy the wonderful sights and of course, stuff your faces with delicious Japanese food. Nothing sounds better than slurping up a piping hot bowl of ramen in the middle of winter! Even if you are travelling solo to Japan, it’s not difficult to hit the minimum spend of RM1,200.


South Korea is a popular year end choice for many and it’s easy to see why! Enjoy the beautiful winter breeze as you stroll along the shopping streets before stopping for some piping hot army stew. Otherwise, don a hanbok and visit the beautiful palaces without breaking a sweat! Here’s how you can hit the minimum RM1,200 spend when travelling in a pair.


Taiwan is a great option for the year end holiday! Feast on mouth watering street food, shop at the night markets or head up to the world famous Taipei 101. If you need an escape from the bustle of the city, head out of Taipei and visit some of nature’s best kept secrets like the Taroko Gorge in Hualien.

Hong Kong

We all know and love Hong Kong for being the mecca of delicious food! You could eat dim sum, egg tarts and roast goose all day long.  After filling your bellies, hop onto the Ngong Ping 360 to enjoy the views of Lantau Island, enjoy the rides at Hong Kong Disneyland or even take a hike up Dragon’s Back!


One of the best times to visit London is definitely the year end. Think Christmas markets serving warm mulled wine and candy apples, outdoor ice skating rinks and Christmas lights all around. Of course you cannot miss out on a chance to see the sets of the Harry Potter movies!

How to hit RM800 minimum spend

Now that you’ve gotten the big ticket items out of the way, you can unlock another RM50 off with a minimum spend of RM800. Here are some ideas for other essentials you may need on your trip.
Don’t wait till you’ve reached your destination to scramble for a SIM card or WiFi device! Pre-book yours and pick it up at the airport once you’ve landed.
Before the year ends, why not tick something off your bucket list! If you’re travelling to Bangkok, why not pick up a new skill or two? From learning how to recreate your favorite Thai dishes to picking up self defence skills at a Muay Thai class, it’ll definitely be a memorable moment this holiday!
Another bucket list item you can tick off is skydiving in New Zealand or attempt the world’s tallest bungee jump in Macau. The year end holiday is the best time to clock those bragging rights!

Tips and tricks to maximise your savings

  • Be sure to plan out your purchases to ensure you fully maximize the usage of BOTH codes.
  • Even if you don’t have travel plans for the year end, many Klook activities are OPEN DATED. This means that you can purchase the tickets and save them for a later date. But do take note of the validity of these tickets.
  • If you are travelling in a group, be sure to split up your purchases so that everyone in the squad can enjoy savings!