20 Must-Try Food Items From FamilyMart Malaysia

Eunis Ong
Eunis Ong
17 Oct 2020
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Photo Credit: @familymartmy (Instagram)

Convenience Food Heaven in Malaysia!

family mart food malaysia
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
Food from convenience stores in Malaysia has never been an appealing or tempting idea. It’s usually reserved for convenience marts in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.
However, things certainly have changed since the opening of Malaysia’s first FamilyMart in late 2016! For those still new to it or are looking for new things to try, check out our list of must-try and must-eat food items in FamilyMart Malaysia - including some new additions and promos in conjunction with FamilyMart's 4th year anniversary this 2020!
CMCO Update: FamilyMart stores are open for takeaway, and some also available for deliveries via FoodPanda this CMCO! There are also changes to the operating hours of most stores, with the majority operating from 7AM - 2AM and 7AM - 10PM till the end of CMCO. Click here for more information.

Ongoing Promos And Deals

familymart malaysia combo promo
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
familymart malaysia food promo
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
  • Get 2 Japanese Premium Ice Cream for RM12.90
  • Get 30% off selected drinks when you buy any onigiri, bento, sandwich, or pasta
  • Do Good Save Food: get 25% off selected items from 4PM - 1159PM
  • List of 4th Anniversary promos here (valid 14 Oct - 24 Nov)

Must-Try Food Items At FamilyMart Malaysia

1. Oden

familymart malaysia food oden
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
The FamilyMart classics, oden is a must-try at least once. Available in Original (dashi) and local favourite Tom Yam broth, these skewers of goodness are flavourful and incredibly addictive. Get it with the udon set and you’ve got yourself a simple but delicious meal!
How to order oden in FamilyMart:
Go to the oden counter and let the attendant know which broth you want. Pick the oden skewers of your choice and have it ready to eat or to-go. Pay at the counter and dig in!
FamilyMart oden menu:
List of oden choices: Udon, shabu noodle, atjisuke tamago, daikon (radish), corn, mini snow crab cake, seafood tofu fish cake, crab fish cake, veggie fish cake, king crab chunk, Korean odeng fish cake, lobster ball, chicken ball, white fish ball, fried fish ball, fish cake slice
The atjisuke tamago (marinated soft-boiled egg) won’t be found in the oden cooker since it’s stored separately, so don’t be afraid to ask for it! Pssst, you can also add on noodles to complete your meal.

2. Dessert Sandwiches

familymart dessert sandwiches food sando
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
While dessert sandwiches may sound strange or unfamiliar, don’t let it deter you from trying them out. So, get yourself a sando, a Japanese dessert sandwich filled with fruit, cream and various other toppings. Trust us, you won’t regret trying them!

3. Onigiri

familymart malaysia onigiri flavours
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
A quintessential Japanese rice snack, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to onigiri in FamilyMart. From the classic favourites like tuna mayo, salmon, and ebiko, you can also find a myriad of other flavours. You can frequently find limited edition onigiri every few months.
familymart food onigiri
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
One recent addition is the Power Onigiri, a tempting Chicken and Egg Hawaiian Musubi that consists of a juicy chicken meatloaf marinated in teriyaki sauce, paired with a fried egg and green coral!

4. Mini Basque Burnt Cheesecake [new]

familymart food mini basque burnt cheesecake chocolate
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
First introduced in June 2020, FamilyMart's Mini Basque Burnt Cheesecake quickly become a crowd-favourite. Available at only RM4.50, this treat may seem tiny but promises creaminess and satisfaction for your tastebuds. From 14 Oct - 24 Nov 2020, you will be able to get one layered with a Chocolate Cheesecake at the bottom!

5. Creamy Cheesy Snow Crab Croissant [new]

familymart food cheesy snow crab croissant
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
familymart food cheesy snow crab croissant
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
This one's another pretty new addition to the FamilyMart family! This yummy, flaky croissant is filled with addictive creamy snow crab and cheese, and is definitely a must-try for cheese lovers.

6. Soft Serve Ice-Cream

family mart food ice cream sofuto new flavour
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
Creamy and indulgent, the soft serve (sofuto) in FamilyMart is easily one of the most famous treats you have to try! While you can find the Matcha flavour all year round, they’ve been knowns to release seasonal flavours from time to time. In the past, there have been unique flavours like coconut, cheese, melon, sweet potato and more.

7. Frappe

familymart malaysia frappe
Photo Credit: @familymartmy
This lesser-known drink in FamilyMart certainly deserves more recognition! To get your instant frappe drink, get your Cookie Frappe base from the freezer. Bring it to the counter and choose your flavour of choice (milk, coffee, or chocolate). Once the hot liquid has been added in, you’ve got your frappe without needing a blender!

8. Savoury Sandwiches

Aside from the sweet sandwiches, there are also your typical sandwiches in FamilyMart like egg mayo, meatball sub, chicken slice sandwich and more. FamilyMart also constantly introduces seasonal sandwiches like ayam percik sandwich during the Raya period!

9. Hanjuku Cheese

If the thought of getting a whole cheesecake sounds jelak, you can still enjoy the treat with the Hanjuku Cheese from FamilyMart. This half-baked Japanese-style cheesecake has a rich & creamy cheese center.

10. Swiss Roll Slice

Moist spongey cake wrapped around a generous helping of flavoured cream, the Swiss roll slices in FamilyMart come in Matcha and Chocolate flavours. It’s the perfect size for a treat!

11. Hot Dog Buns

Not like any regular hot dogs, the ones in FamilyMart are topped with either Bolognese sauce or egg mayo. They’re basically instant comfort food in a box!

12. Mini Desserts

For those with a sweet tooth, it’s hard not to be tempted by their mini desserts. You can find a selection of single-serving desserts from Strawberry Shortcake to Chocolate Mousse, Matcha Parfait, Original Pudding, and more.

13. Bento Box

With bento boxes available in FamilyMart, it means there’s always a meal ready-to-go for you at any time. Available in various selections of rice and noodle boxes, simply get the FamilyMart staff to heat it up for you.

14. Ice-Cream Sandwiches

You can find all kinds of ice cream in the freezer section at FamilyMart but one of the greatest joys is having an ice-cream sandwich. Whether you’re in a Matcha mood, sorta Vanilla, or cheeky Chocolate, you’ll definitely find something that catches your eye.

15. Hot Snacks

Head to the hot bar section by the cashier to find a selection of hot snacks. From sausages to cuttlefish tofu and curry puff, you can also get fried chicken freshly prepared upon order!

16. Dim Sum

Next to the hot bar, you can also find a steamer with filled buns and dim sum items. Since they’re quite popular, you may find the steamer to be empty from time to time.

17. Freshly Baked Bread

With shelves dedicated to just their freshly baked goods, you can find everything from savoury buns to loaves of bread, and sweet treats. We reckon it’s gonna be a tough choice having to pick just one.

18. FamilyMart Snacks

Get one for the FamilyMart branded snacks. They have potato sticks, corn snacks, potato rings, cookies, chocolate cereal, and more.

19. Imported Drinks

Browse the selection of imported drinks available in FamilyMart like the famous Taiwan milk teas, Thai probiotic drink, Korean flavoured banana milk, Japanese iced tea, and more.

20. Freshly-Brewed Coffee

In need for a caffeine kick? Get your freshly-brewed coffee from FamilyMart whether cold or hot. According to them, they use a speciality blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, Peru, Brazil and Uganda!
For non-coffee drinkers, you can get the Matcha Latte or Chocolate drink!

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