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Covid-19 Swab Test by BP Healthcare Group in Kuala Lumpur
★ 4.5
600+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 56.69

US$ 51.05

[Free Delivery] Durian Mama in Klang Valley & Johor Bahru
★ 4.7
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 33.79

From US$ 20.79

In-Home COVID-19 Swab Test by Homage
★ 4.9
200+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

From US$ 47.25

[Klook Exclusive] Durian Delivery in Klang Valley
Instant Confirmation

US$ 17.75

From US$ 12.99

Drive-Thru Covid-19 RT-PCR Swab Tests by LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre in Bangsar
★ 4.6
300+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 59.05

[Klook Exclusive] Durian Hours Delivery in Klang Valley
★ 5.0
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 23.15

US$ 18.45

[Free Delivery] Durian Bear in Klang Valley
Instant Confirmation

US$ 20.35

From US$ 15.35

[Free Delivery] Durian For You in Klang Valley
★ 4.5
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 39.30

US$ 30.25

[Klook Exclusive] Pak Cik Durian Delivery in Klang Valley
★ 5.0
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 16.09

From US$ 11.35

[Free Delivery] Dking Durian in West Malaysia
★ 4.8
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 42.75

From US$ 38.99

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best tu mmng best. but I'm upset that the staff can't explain. I don't care about the speaking part. the story of the article explain him. dtg dtg kata tak "i dont know" waklu. I'll call you for help. He just finished 5 minutes of the game. but the female staff is nice and bright. women are happy to understand. nokharam. but best je game he's just wrong. I don't know if I'm wrong or if I'm stupid, I'm not good at it. hahaha main yg vampire tu. he said there was a measles vampire we knew. over is. hahhaa but mmng best. ckp best ni dah bnyk kali dah. ok bye. I'll have more money later. I sprayed the staff. taklah tipu je. Maybe he's new or less smart like us. heheh it's a joke. ok let's come support. The staff is ok, except for the white ckp.
I was so satisfied. First of all, the train departs on time, so you can use it without delays or traffic jams. Even travelers who are not familiar with geography in an unfamiliar environment can easily find it by following the dark pink signs! Oh, and if you use the friend invitation code below, you can get discounts over 4200 won! Invite a friend code (invite code): 2U37MW
It's a very good experience, and a favorable price. The food and seafood are diversified and fresh, and the environment is also very good👍. On-site staff will also provide disposable gloves for guests to take food to avoid cross-infection with meal clips. Epidemic prevention measures are OK. Will go to experience again!
Review for: Sunway Lagoon
Convenient and simple to use, the "Sunway Lagoon", a collection of playgrounds, water parks, and zoos, can meet your three requirements at once. However, due to the off-season, many equipment are closed and suspended. What is more special is the only "SpongeBob SquarePants" in Asia. The theme water park Ps needs to pay attention to that the locals are more conservative and don’t wear too naked
Bought this for my wife's birthday and New year's. informed the hotel beforehand and they prepared a cake and flowers on the bed, which my wife loved! Service was exceptional and we enjoyed the breakfast, afternoon tea, and evening cocktails. bed was large and comfortable,and our suite was amazing! definitely recommended!
It is very convenient to charter a car through klook~ The driver will pick up the destination at the airport according to the appointed time and then arrange the driver through the letter before departure. The guide will also recommend purchasing points (buy chocolates and famous products). A very recommended chartered car Day trip^^