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Taipei Main Station is not only the most significant hub of transportation in northern Taiwan, but also the largest railway station in terms of the building scale and traffic volume. Situated in Zhongzheng District of Taipei City, it is an underground union station shared by three transportation service companies: Taiwan Railway Administration, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Taipei Metro. Thus, a passenger can get access to a train, a high-speed rail, MRT Bannan Line and MRT Tamsui–Xinyi Line at the station.
Opening hours: 06:00~24:00
No. 3, Beiping W Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

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4.9 /5
26K+ reviews
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Macy ******
It was convenient as they claimed since you don’t have to find your way around the famous tourist spots because they will be the one to take you there. My only problem was the QR code in the voucher only gives you the time table of the first bus to leave the Taipei Main Station. When I got off the Lungshan Temple (I took the Red Line) to take some photos and after I walked around, I tried to check the QR code about the next bus schedule but couldn’t see any other bus schedule aside from the one I got off. So I just waited at the bus stop and hoped for my luck to get on another sightseeing bus. I waited there for more than 30 mins until I could get on another bus. I asked the stewardess about this and she said they actually leave by schedule and handed me a pamphlet with ALL THE SIGHTSEEING BUS SCHEDULE. If only such information was provided immediately, (by the first bus or through the QR code provided) I could’ve enjoyed my first stop more instead of waiting in the bus stop. So when I finally figured that out, I realized I have a few minutes to one hour per destination (which varies) so I was able to plan my day better. Also, there should be signs where the actual sightseeing bus stop directions because it’s kinda hard to find especially for tourists who might go to ordinary bus stops to wait instead. Such a hassle to find my way around these bus stops and causes me to miss some bus and adjust my schedule more. But all in all, it was very helpful. Good airconditioning, friendly-staff, reliable wifi connection and the scheduled trips are very helpful in planning your trips ahead of time.
Klook User
15 Jun
It is very convenient to take the M4 bus at Taipei Main Station. You can queue up and get on the bus with a QR code. This time I chose a one-way ticket to the National Palace Museum. It is a very interesting experience to sit on the second floor and have a high view.
Klook User
21 Apr
Peter was our tour guide, and he was great. Very accomodating & considerate. There were only 7 of us on the trip so instead of a bus, we rode in an SUV. I recommend this trip for all Meteor Garden/F4 fans! It took more than 3hrs on the trip back to Taipei Main Station but it was worth it!
Klook User
13 Apr
At first, we got lost to look for the pick-up point in the Taipei Main Station. We missed the earlier sightseeing tour. But as Klook booking is very convenient and efficient, when the next tour arrives we are just ready to hop the bus.
Klook User
26 Feb
the time schedule is quite accurate and the hop on hop off shutter bus is convenient with audio earplug in many language options, surprisingly even Thai. both red and blue lines cover well the main locations and districts of Taipei in half day. moreover, the shuttler bus brings us to the palace museum to spend 3 hours then back on route to pick up going back to terminal point at Taipei Main Station.
廖 **
1 Jan
The beef noodles are delicious. It tastes different compared to the ones outside. You can add soup and noodles. The portion is enough. There are two beef noodles on the same street. Don’t go wrong. It’s very close to Ximen and Taipei Station. The transportation is convenient. I will buy it again if I have the opportunity. Also try the menu
董 **
9 Dec 2023
The braised soup is delicious, the beef is chunky and solid, the 2 beef dumplings included with the set meal are quite large, the side dishes are also delicious (there are many kinds of side dishes on site for $25), there is a water dispenser, the service is friendly, I feel full after eating, CP value Yes, there are two TVs in the store for watching the news. The location is good and you can also walk to the nearby city market, Chenghuang Temple, Ximen shopping district, and Taipei Station business district. It is quite suitable for shopping, dining and spending money here~ First time Friends who purchase can enter the friend sharing code ASTU3L to directly earn $100 in shopping credits, which is super cost-effective👍
wafi *****
19 Nov 2023
I had one of the most memorable tour of my generation. Our tour guide, named Vaness, he is kind, he took photos of me, since I travelled alone, in each and every Meteor Garden iconic spots. He was not very talkative, which maybe the only downside, because most of the times tour guides are talkative and entertaining, but I couldn't care less because all I cared for was to see the Ying De University (National Chung Cheng University), and because it was quiet most of the time inside his van, we got to get some more sleep since it was kinda long travel. It was once in a lifetime experience! although please do not be confused about the meet-up place. I went to the Taipei Main Station (MRT) and kept on roaming around trying to search for the "South 1" exit. I was there for about 30mins, I thought it was a scam. I looked at all the exits of the station but there was nothing. Until I figured out, just the other block from the Taipei Main Station (MRT), there is that Taipei Main Station (bus station) and that is where you will go. It was not well explained in the itinerary that is why it became confusing. I believe the other tourist got confused about it too. but overall, it was a nice tour.
Klook User
25 Oct 2023
Good that Klook provided picture of meetup point else Taipei Main Station was too big to navigate. Would be better if exit M1 was indicated. Tour guide Sunny was friendly and helpful. Glad that we had the pastry making class so that there were some hands-on experiences and pineapple cakes to bring home. Would be better if more time was allocated for Yehliu as the park was big and crowded.

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