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Top sights in Adelaide

Adelaide is a coastal city famous for its museums, wineries, parks, and a bustling food scene. Easily accessible via regular commercial flights, the city used to be a transit stop for tourists headed to Barossa Valley or McLaren. Today, Adelaide is a destination in its own right. Check out this helpful guide to make the best of your visit to Adelaide.

Adelaide Zoo

Opened to the public in 1883, Adelaide Zoo is Australia’s second-oldest zoo. Sitting on a 20-acre protected area, the zoo is home to over 300 native and exotic species with over 3,000 animals. The zoo's most recent enclosures are in the second phase of the South-East Asia exhibit, known as Immersion. It provides visitors an experience to walk through a tropical jungle with orangutans. Located in the heart of the city, the zoo is accessible by tram or city bus.
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Adelaide Central Market

Completed in 1869, Adelaide Central Market is popular for its vendors that sell organic fruits and vegetables and premium meats. Located along Grote Street, the market is easily accessible via city buses. Other items that can be bought in the market include baked goods, nuts, cheese, and seafood. Visit the market on Saturday and join a variety of classes and activities.
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Adelaide Botanic Garden

Opened in 1857, Adelaide Botanic Garden is one of the scientific gardens in Australia. Situated in the heart of the city, the 130-acre garden is teeming with fascinating plants and trees. Aside from native and foreign plants, the garden also holds many rare specimens such as the Wollemi Pine tree and Bottle Tree.
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South Australian Museum

Founded in 1856, South Australian Museum is a natural history museum and research institution in Adelaide. Explore various exhibits in the museum such as the World Mammals Gallery, the Discovery Centre, the Fossils Gallery, the Ancient Egypt Gallery, and more. The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00 and its busiest days are Saturday and Sunday.
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