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Top sights in Madrid

With the countless cool things to do in Madrid, it's no surprise that the capital of Spain is known as a beacon of art, history, and architecture. In the city, try getting lost in one of the best art museums, tasting authentic Spanish food, and taking in its breathtaking landmarks. Whether you have a 3-day itinerary in Madrid or less, check out these must-see attractions when you visit this beautiful city!

Plaza Mayor

Venture into the grand square of Plaza Mayor, an open space located in the heart of the bustling city of Madrid. Witness iconic monuments such as the statue of King Philip III on horseback and the intricate frescoes on the walls of Casa de la Panadería, one of the first constructed buildings in this space. With the surrounding buildings’ warm colors and the classic yet timeless architecture, the plaza's charm lies in its capturing of Madrid's rich history and culture. Visit during the summer and spend an idyllic day sipping coffee at one of the cafes and watching street performers, or visit during winter and go shopping at the Christmas market!
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Royal Palace of Madrid

A testament to Madrid’s grandeur and opulence, the Royal Palace of Madrid is a sight to behold within the city. If you only have a one-day itinerary in Madrid, exploring some of the palace's 3,000 rooms and lush gardens is something you shouldn't miss! Among these rooms include the Royal Armory, which holds one of the best collections of its kind, and the Royal Pharmacy, which displays medicinal cabinets, bottles, and even prescriptions to the royal family. The palace is a goldmine for art, architecture, and history lovers, and is perfect for visiting at any time of the year. Be sure to visit the palace on weekdays to avoid crowds and long queues!
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Museo Nacional del Prado

The Museo Nacional del Prado is one of the largest museums in Spain and is renowned as one of the greatest in the world. Containing more than 10,000 unique pieces of drawings, paintings, and sculptures by renaissance and baroque artists such as Francisco Goya, Diego Velázquez, and El Greco, the museum holds the world's finest art collection that attracts over 2 million visitors every year. Listen to an audio guide and hear the story of the artist and his piece, combining your visual experience with the art's context. The museum’s accessible location in Central Madrid makes it easy to reach other nearby attractions. Get the most out of your trip and visit after lunch or during the late afternoon!
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El Retiro Park

Stumble upon a quiet solace in the middle of the bustling city by visiting El Retiro Park, which is just a few minutes away from Prado Museum. Pass by a beautiful rose arch and see a majestic marble fountain in the middle of the Rose Garden, then witness the iconic Fallen Angel statue and the glass conservatory known as Crystal Palace. Walk along the garden's paths and feel the sunshine during summer, or see the flowers in full bloom during springtime. You may drop by for the gorgeous scenery, but you will surely stay for the numerous recreational activities they can do such as riding a bike, taking a boat on the lake, or having an outdoor workout.
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