10 Items To Buy From Japanese 7-Eleven Convenience Stores

Klook Team
Klook Team
14 Mar 2020
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Step into the budget food haven of Japan’s 7-Eleven!

If you’ve been to Japan, you’ll know that food doesn’t always come cheap. For the budget traveller, you’ll be happy to know that convenience stores in Japan serve not only affordable, but also delicious food worth venturing for!
Convenience stores, more fondly known as konbini in Japan, are a staple to the routine of locals. Here, you’ll find almost everything you need in one place, bringing to light the true meaning of convenience.
A sumptuous 3-course meal on a budget is easily achievable at a konbini, and here are the top 10 food items from Japan’s 7-Eleven convenience store that you will want to sink your teeth into for your next trip there.

1. Onigiri

Onigiri from 7-Eleven
Onigiri, or rice ball, is a common quick meal for the Japanese. Wrapped in seaweed, the rice further hugs a layer of stuffing for taste. Common stuffings include tuna, salmon and tamago, or egg.
Source: Pinterest
For the adventurous, onigiri even comes in fancier formats like the omurice. The treat is handy but filling, making it perfect for your on-the-go travel.
Helpful words to read onigiri in Japan
And for all you non-Japanese readers out there, the guide above may serve as the holy grail of translation for your next onigiri adventure.
Price: JPY100-200

2. Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich from 7-Eleven Japan
The egg sandwich from 7-Eleven may look unassuming but packs a serious punch. It’s roughly summarised in two words – cheap and delicious. Creamy yolk mixed with umami kewpie mayonnaise sandwiched between two soft slices of bread – tell me it doesn’t make for the perfect breakfast.
Price: JPY195

3. Yakisoba Bun

yakitori hotdog bun from 7-eleven japan
What might look like an odd combination at first, yakisoba and bread actually do go well together, at least to the Japanese of course. It’s one combination you will commonly find in convenience stores and bakeries alike, and you can’t say you’ve visited Japan without trying this out.
Price: JPY160

4. Bento Sets

If you’re looking for a meal to fill up, look no further than bento sets from 7-Eleven. With warm Japanese rice and a selection of delectable sides and dessert, it’s a bang for buck you won’t find anywhere else.
Approx: JPY400

5. Instant Ippudo Ramen

Whether fresh or instant, Japanese ramen are the undisputed champions of the world. If you’re looking for a quick late night fix, Japan takes it up a notch with their instant ramen, delivered Ippudo style.
Ippudo ramen, once described as the most famous tonkotsu ramen shop in the country, is now one of the most famous ramen chains around and can be located in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and New York.
The instant version is said to taste very similarly to the real thing at only a fraction of the price, making it not only great for a late night food hunt, but also a great souvenir to bring home.
Ramen Egg or Half Boiled Egg from 7-Eleven Japan
Don’t forget to top it off with a half boiled egg into the warm bowl of goodness!
Price (ramen): JPY260
Price (egg): JPY68

6. Fried Karaage

Chicken Karaage from 7-Eleven Japan
If you’re looking for some warm food, 7-Eleven is also a great choice. With a selection of fried food, your tastebuds will be spoilt for choice.
Chicken karaage is a hot favourite especially in the cold weather, and is perfect for sharing with a friend or loved one.
Price: JPY300 for a stick

7. Coffee Cream Treat

Coffee Treat from 7-Eleven Japan
With coffee machines a raging success in convenient stores, the coffee craze has since spread to food items as well. 7-Eleven’s coffee cream treat is a delectable snack that’s perfect for tea breaks (or coffee, if you prefer).
Price: JPY110

8. Mochifuwa Pancake

Mochifuwa Pancake from 7-Eleven Japan
Butter and Syrup Filling of the Mochifuwa Pancake from 7-Eleven Japan
Source: www.odigo.jp
Don’t belittle this ordinary looking pancake as it’s packed with a surprise on the inside. Pre-filled with syrup and butter that oozes out on each bite, it’s no wonder why both locals and tourists can’t get enough of this.
Price: JPY100

9. Black Gateau Chocolat

Black Gateau Chocolate Cake from 7-Eleven japan
A popular dessert amongst locals, this chocolate treat is rich in taste and even a little bitter, catering well to the tastes of chocolate enthusiasts. Bear in mind though, this item is so popular it usually gets sold out by the end of the day so you might want to head to 7-Eleven earlier in the day to hunt for it.
Price: JPY288

10. Hot Drinks

Hot Drink Cabinet 7-Eleven Japan
While cool refrigerators are a regular sight, hot drink cabinets are apparently also a thing in Japan. Labeled with a red hot sign (and blue for cold), you can easily find your favourite warm drink in one of these magic chambers.
Price: JPY100 and up, depending on drink

Essentials to complete your Japan trip

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