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[Transport] Explore Chiang Rai's Best Attractions With A Private Car Charter - Driver Included!

23 May 2018

Noelle Ong

Klook Travel Curator

Explore the best of Chiang Rai hassle-free!

The sleepy provincial town of Chiang Rai is perfect for those looking to escape the city life. With its impressive collection temples, art and national parks, you’ll surely get to immerse yourself in the diverse Thai culture. Some of the highlights of the city include the Hill Tribes, the White Temple and the Golden Triangle. Just a 1-hour flight away from Bangkok, read on to find out how to see the highlights of this quaint city hassle-free.

Klook your private car charter

Klook your Chiang Rai private car charter tour and enjoy the following perks:

  • Chiang Rai pick up/drop off
  • Private customizable tour
  • 12 hour charter service
  • Experienced driver
  • Air conditioned vehicle
  • Fuel costs, toll chargers and insurance
  • Child seats upon request
  • Guide (optional add on)

Now that you’ve got your transportation all settled, here are some suggested itineraries for sights in Chiang Rai you shouldn’t miss.

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1 Day Trip

Places of interest covered:

  • Wat Phra Kaew
  • Doi Tung Tree Top Walk and Mae Fah Luang Garden
  • Chui Fong Tea Plantation
  • Union of Hill Tribe Villages

2 Day Trip

Places of interest covered:

  • Wat Phra Kaew
  • Doi Tung Tree Top Walk and Mae Fah Luang Garden
  • Chui Fong Tea Plantation
  • Union of Hill Tribe Villages
  • Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)
  • Boon Rawd Farm (Singha Park)
  • Golden Triangle
  • Mae Sai

Chiang Rai highlights covered

Wat Phra Kaew

More commonly known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, this temple is regarded as one of the most important temples in Thailand. The Emerald Buddha is known as the most highly revered Buddha image in the country and this statue was originally from the Wat Phra Kaew in Chiang Mai. Although the original statue has since been moved to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, the Wat Phra Kaew temple in Chiang Rai holds a copy of the original statue.

Mae Fah Luang Garden

The Mae Fah Luang Garden is home to over a hundred different species of flowers! Stroll through the gorgeous flora and fauna landscapes and take in the vibrant colors of the flowers. Hidden in the Mae Fah Luang Garden is a 390 metre long suspension bridge! Hanging from 30 meters above ground, this treetop walk is definitely a unique way to explore the gardens.

Chui Fong Tea Plantation

Nestled in the outskirts of Chiang Rai, the Chui Fong Tea plantation is come to the freshest brewed tea leaves that produces all that Thai iced tea you’ll be having on your trip. Sip on a quality cup of tea and have some tea cakes while you take in the beautiful picturesque views of the plantations.

Union Hill of Tribe Villages

Indigenous to the mountains of Chiang Rai and other Northern Thailand cities, these hill tribes are some of the most unique cultures you’ll encounter. The Union of the Hill Tribe Villages was introduced to unify these tribes together in 1 place and that’s where you’ll get to encounter and learn more about the different tribes and their way of life.

Wat Rong Khun

The most iconic highlight of Chiang Rai is probably the Wat Rong Khun, more commonly known as the White Temple. The intricate details of the carvings mirror one’s journey from heaven to hell. But, this temple is not your usual traditional temple! If you look closely, you’ll see the likes of Michael Jackson, Superman and even Despicable Me minions!

Boon Rawd Farm (Singha Park)

Boon Rawd Farm is one of the largest tea producers in Thailand! More commonly known as Singha Park, this 8000 acre park is the perfect place to take in the lush greenery of the tea plantations. But, apart from tea, you can even feed giraffes and zebras at the Singha Park Farm!

Golden Triangle

In the past, the Golden Triangle was known for being one of the largest opium producers in the region. The The Golden Triangle refers to the intersection of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos whose borders meet in the Mekong River. Sail on the river that leads you to this very intersection point and be sure to capture the moment that you’re in all 3 states at the same time!

Mae Sai

Visit Mae Sai - home to some of Chiang Rai’s most unique markets where you can purchase lots of things for cheap! After all that exploring, stock up on souvenirs to take home at Mae Sai to immortalize your memories of Chiang Rai! Don’t forget to bargain with the sellers for a discount.

Other Chiang Rai essentials

Chiang Rai Airport Transfer

If you’re flying into Chiang Rai Airport, be sure to Klook your private airport transfers for a convenient and hassle free way of getting to your hotel!

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