The Klook Guide To N Seoul Tower

12 Dec 2017

Hew Lee Yee

Klook Travel Curator

Pay a visit to Seoul’s highest point

No landmark in Seoul is more iconic than the N Seoul Tower! Also sometimes known as Namsan Seoul Tower, it’s located at the top of Mt. Namsan and offers an incredible panoramic view of the entire Seoul. Due to its popularity, it’s also a popular spot amongst locals, especially lovebirds!

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N Seoul Tower is the highest point of Seoul!

About N Seoul Tower

Right smack in the middle of Seoul is Mt. Namsan and atop the mountain is is N Seoul Tower. Standing at 480m above sea level, this makes the tower the highest point of Seoul. Originally a broadcast tower used for sending out TV and radio signals back in 1969, it is now an attraction which boasts an unprecedented 360-degree view of Seoul.

Besides the observatory, there are several key attractions housed inside the tower. From themed museums to LED displays and Korea’s answer to Paris’ love lock bridge, you can be sure to be entertained throughout day. The multiple dining options within the tower will also ensure you won’t be going hungry either!

Besides the tower itself, there’s also Namsan Park and Namsangol Hanok Village in the vicinity.

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Opening hours

N Seoul Tower is open daily. The opening hours from Sunday to Friday are from 10am to 11pm. Meanwhile, it’s open from 10am to 12 midnight on Saturday.

The last ticket redemption for the tower’s observation decks is at 9pm, meanwhile the last admission is 30 minutes before closing. Also, depending on the weather conditions and operating schedules, the opening hours are subject to change.

These opening hours are only applicable to the N Seoul Tower Observatory Deck. For the opening hours of other restaurants and shops in the tower, here’s a list of the hours and admissions.

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Seoul Tower Plaza

Seoul Tower Plaza is a multi-level complex at the base of the N Seoul Tower. . Once a restricted staff-only area, it’s now open to public since the remodelling in 2015. Within the plaza is several eateries, a Teddy Bear museum, a hanbok culture experience center and more.

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Namsan Park

Right by N Seoul Tower is Namsan Park, where you can find clear walking trails that lead to the tower. Many visitors choose to stroll through the park to get to the tower instead of taking the shuttle or cable car.

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A little gem that can be found in Namsan Park is Mok Myeok San Bang, a restaurant that serves local Korean cuisine. After a nice stroll, you’ll definitely want to dig into their bibimbap which has been said to be the best in Seoul.

They pride themselves in using only quality ingredients and no artificial seasoning. Also, it’s good to note that their menus are only in Korean. That’s when you know the food is going to be authentic, when they’re mostly catering to the locals!

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Namsangol Hanok Village

About 30 minutes walk away from N Seoul Tower is Namsangol Hanok Village. On the North side of Namsan Mountain, this village has five restored traditional Korean houses, a pavilion, traditional garden, performance stage and a time capsule plaza.

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You’ll be transported into a different world when you step into the village, with its historical structures. Not only is it great for a leisure walk but also a way to experience a slice of life of those in the past.

Visitors can also participate in various activities like traditional tea ceremony, trying out hanbok, writing in Korean and many more. There are also performances that take place around the village.

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Where to buy tickets

You can purchase tickets to the observatory at the ticket booth of the tower at level T1. However, on crowded days or certain hours of the day, the queue at the ticket booth can get very long.

Alternatively, to skip the queue, you can purchase your tickets in advance from Klook. You also get to enjoy instant confirmation with your e-voucher. Simply scan your QR code and you’re off to enjoy the view of Seoul. No queueing up needed!

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How to get to N Seoul Tower

Cars are not allowed to drive up to N Seoul Tower except for those with special needs. This is to preserve the surrounding nature and reduce pollution on Namsan Park.

There are several ways to get to N Seoul Tower, from taking the walking trail, to the city bus or cable car.

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1. Namsan Shuttle Bus (Circulation Bus)

  • Subway Line 3, Dongguk University Station, Exit 6, take the bus 02, 03, or 05
  • Subway Line 3/4, Chungmuro Station, Exit 2 (in front of Daehan Cinema), take the bus 02 or 05
  • Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exit 3, take the bus 05

The Namsan Circulation Bus operates every 15-20 mins. The fee is USD1.10 (KRW1,200) if you’re paying by cash while using your T-Money Travel Card costs USD1 (KRW1,100).

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2. N Seoul Tower cable car

Cable car operating hours: Daily, 10am - 11pm

For the cable car round trip, the adult ticket costs USD7.80 (KRW8,500) and the child ticket costs USD5 (KRW5,500). Duration of the ride is 7 minutes. Do note that the estimated queueing time for the cable car might exceed 30 minutes during public holidays and in the evening, so do plan your schedule accordingly.

To get to the cable car station, take the subway to Myeong-dong Station and after you see Pacific Hotel, keep right and walk 10 minutes until you see an elevator. Take the elevator to get to the boarding point for the cable car.

If you don’t want to walk, you can also choose to take Namsan Oreumi, an outdoor slanted elevator that is free to the public. From Hoehyeon Intersection (Between Myeong-dong & Hoehyeon Subway Stations of Seoul Subway Line 4) walk towards Namsan Tunnel #3 where you’ll find Namsan Oreumi. Since it’s free, it can get pretty crowded crowded!

Namsan Oreumi operating hours: 9am - 11pm (Closed on Mondays from 9am to 2pm for maintenance)

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3. Walking

Follow the same directions to get to the cable car station from Myeong-dong. Across the street from the station, you’ll find a pedestrian walkway. There’s a 2km trail up to Namsan Park with stairs for visitors to climb all the way up to the base of N Seoul Tower. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the tower and it’s a relatively easy hike.

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Best time to visit

If you want to avoid the crowd and the queues, you should plan your visit early in the morning. The tower is quieter during the morning and the crowd starts picking up in the afternoon. This is because many visitors go in the afternoon to catch the sunset. Many also visit the tower later in the day to catch the night views.

The weather also largely affects your experience at the tower. So it's best to check the weather report a few days leading up to your visit. If it’s cloudy, you won’t be able to get much view of the city.

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Highlights in N Seoul Tower

Observation Deck

From the height of over 400m, the view of the entire of Seoul is before your eyes at the observatory. Surrounded by clear glass windows, visitors can enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view of the cityscape below.

During the day, you’re treated with views across the city to the hills beyond. Meanwhile, at night, watch as the city lights illuminate the night sky.

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Sky Restroom

Now, you must be thinking, what is so special about a restroom that it’s an actual attraction! What sets it apart from any bathroom you’ve ever used, the Sky Restroom in N Seoul Tower has special glass windows that face out within the stalls.

In fact, it’s the highest bathroom in Seoul and we gotta say, it must be quite the experience to be going about your business with that killer view.

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Locks of Love at Roof Terrace

The Roof Terrace is an outdoor observatory of the N Seoul Tower on level T2. Celebrating love, you can find the fences of the terrace covered with padlocks. Much like Paris’ Pont des Arts, many couples attach their padlocks as a symbol of their love.

You can also find Heart Chairs here, which are said to be magical in helping two people fall in love. The Roof Terrace sure is a wonderful holiday date place with your partner, or should we say Seoul-mate!

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Ssentoy Museum & Showroom

For the kids (and kids at heart), the Ssentoy Museum & Showroom cleverly themed exhibitions are absolute fun to explore. The museum brings the world of movies and animation to life, with four areas of different themes.

With interesting displays and rare toy figurines, it’s also the perfect place to search for some quality collectibles.

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Hello Kitty Island

Fans of the iconic cat, the Hello Kitty themed exhibition is like a wonderland of your dreams. Featuring four concept rooms, designed with all things Hello Kitty from floor to ceiling, you’d wish you could stay there!

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Dining with a view


Serving over 30 types of authentic and modern Korean cuisine, HANCOOK offers a traditional buffet-style experience. With choices from comforting stews, to hearty grilled meats, various side dishes and more, you’ll find it hard to stop eating.

If you love eating, dining at HANCOOK will definitely work out be a great value for you. The large, almost floor-to-ceiling glass windows also give patrons an enviable view of the city below.

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Located on level T7 is n.GRILL, N Seoul Tower’s French fine dining restaurant. What sets this place apart from the other restaurants in the tower is the fact that it rotates! It makes a full circle every 48 minutes, so you can slowly savour your meal while enjoying the 360-degree view of Seoul without the need to budge from your seat.

Besides that, it’s even a few floors above the observatory deck, making it the highest vantage point from the tower. So you can bet you really are getting the best view possible from n.GRILL.

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The Place Dining

Grab a seat by the window overlooking the cityscape of Seoul at The Place Dining which serves casual Italian food. With comfort food like pasta and pizza made to order as well as the relaxed ambiance, it’ll make you feel at home.

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