Lotte World & Everland - which Seoul theme park should you visit?

17 Oct 2017

Noelle Ong

Klook Travel Curator

Which Seoul theme park should you visit?

Who doesn’t love a trip to the theme park? Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie searching for that stomach churning feeling of free-falling from a great height, or a little kid looking for a magical escape there is something for everyone! Don’t forget the sugar rush from the almost too cute to eat snacks while queueing for rides.

Lucky for us, Seoul is home to not one, but TWO famous theme parks, Lotte World and Everland. And while we all wish we had the luxury of visiting BOTH parks in 1 trip, many times we are either crunched for time or our wallets say no. Well, here comes the million dollar question: if you only have time to visit 1 park, which should you visit?

The Klook team is here to help you make your choice! We put these parks through various test so read on to find out how they fared!

1. The attractions

Since most of us go to theme parks to experience the rides, this is definitely the determining factor for us! Whether you’re a daredevil waiting to plunge off a roller coaster or a not so brave soul just there for a good time, you’ll definitely be able to find both options in both parks!

Everland attractions

Home to one of the steepest rides in the world, the T-express is a test of courage for all those who claim to be fearless. Going at a speed of 104 KM/H and at a 77 degree angle, you better hold on tight! If you’re looking for rides that will pump up your adrenaline, Everland is definitely the place to go.

However, for the rest of us, fret not! With 5 different themed zones, there is something for everyone at Everland! One of the must visits is definitely the Safari World where you can get up close and personal with the exotic furry animals like the bears and giraffes!

Lotte World Attractions

From 360 degree loops to drops from a height of 70 meters at a speed of 100KM/H, Lotte World definitely does not pale in comparison when it comes to adrenaline pumping rides. The best part is that with both an indoor and outdoor section, you don’t have to worry about wet weather foiling your plans of getting on that roller coaster!

Lotte World is also home to the classics, from the most Instagram worthy carousel and even a hot air balloon taking you around the entire park, you definitely won’t be missing out on the fun just because you’re afraid of the big coasters!

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2. The location

While both theme parks can be easily reached by public transportation, Lotte World may just be a slight bit more convenient than Everland. Lotte World is conveniently located at Jamsil Station, so just hop onto a subway and you’re ready to have a good time! Afterall, not everyone wants to travel far and wide for an adventure.

However, to get to Everland, things are not as simple but, we think the travelling is definitely worth it! You can hop onto a bus (5002) from Gangnam Station and you’ll arrive at Everland in about an hour time.

However, if you’re not one for buses, hop onto a subway but be warned you’ll need to transfer numerous times. From Gangnam Station, take Line 2 to Jeongja Station where you ll take the Sinbundang Line to Giheung Station and change to the Bundang Line to Jeongdae Everland Station. From there, you can hop onto a free shuttle bus to Everland!

PSST, if you’re looking for a hassle free way of getting to Everland because you don’t want to waste your time and energy navigating through the Korean transportation system, Klook yourself an Everland transfer and arrive there in comfort!

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3. The waiting time

Many of us get turned off by the long waiting lines that we don’t even want to take that ride anymore. You can definitely expect long lines at both parks especially if it is a weekend or a school holiday! The locals love visiting these parks and most times, you’ll find that the parks are filled with Koreans not tourists. But, this is also a sign that the parks are so good that the locals keep coming back for more!

However, if you want to skip the queues, opt for the Everland Q-Pass and you’ll get to skip the long lines at the attractions! Similarly, with Lotte World, opt for the Lotte World Magic Pass and you’ll get to march right into the front of line like a boss!

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4. Family-friendly facilities

For all of us travelling with restless little children that love running around, here’s a breakdown of the family-friendly amenities offered at both parks!

All children get overly-excited in theme parks and have the tendency to run off on their own. It can be a nightmare to lose your child in a sprawling theme park. Well, both parks have got you covered! They both have special bracelets that will help the park rangers identify your child if they wander off. You can also find nursing rooms for those dirty diapers or hungry babies, equipped with changing stations, wash basins, bottle cleaners, water purifiers and even microwaves!

5. Rainy day plans

Nothing spoils a day at the theme park like bad weather! I mean, we all want pictures of castles and roller coasters against a backdrop with clear blue skies, but sometimes our hands are tied with time crunched itineraries.

Lucky for us, Klook has the ultimate solution! Klook your tickets to Lotte World or Everland and the tickets are open dated! This means that before you scan those tickets at the turnstiles, if the weather changes for the worse, you can still turn your heels and come back another day!

However, if you really must visit on a bad day, we suggest heading to Lotte World instead! Lotte World consists of 2 sections, both an indoor and outdoor area. With over 22 indoor rides as well as other parades and shows, you’ll be sure to have a great time no matter the weather!

If you find yourself stuck in the rain at Everland, you can visit some of the attractions that still run during the rain, such as the Mystery Mansion and Castle of Oz, or watch a film in the Victoria Theater.

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And the winner is…

Both parks have their merits and it’s almost impossible to choose a winner! If you love animals and would like to come up close and personal with some exotic wild life then Everland is definitely your winner. However, if you are looking for more family friendly rides then Lotte World might be your winner. Whichever park you choose, don’t forget to Klook your tickets to enjoy one of the cheapest rates in town!

If you’re heading to Seoul and need some ideas on what to do, from parading the streets in a hanbok to paragliding across the skies, check out our guides to South Korea for more ideas!

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