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Kinmen Shuttle Bus Pass

Get unlimited rides on local buses for 1 day, 2 days or half a day
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  • Explore Kinmen with an unlimited bus pass for the local shuttle buses
  • Gain easy transport to popular Kinmen attractions, such as Guningtou Battle Museum, Zhaishan Tunnel, and Shuitou Communities
  • Includes the special Wind Lion God route where you can spot over 70 of Kinmen's famous quirky statues

What to expect

Explore all corners of Kinmen in Taiwan with a convenient shuttle bus pass - the easy way to get around Kinmen. Located just off the coast of mainland China, Kinmen boasts a fascinating history and a unique local culture. With this easy-to-use bus pass valid for one, two or half a day, you can visit a number of the main island's most popular sights that are otherwise difficult to get to. Visit 700 year old villages, try famous local snacks, learn how world-famous kaoliang liquor is made, and venture into the tunnels that were created to protect boats from bombs during the war.

Kinmen Shuttle Bus Pass
Get unlimited bus rides in Kinmen on a sightseeing route of your choice

Things To Note


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Departure Routes & Schedule

  • A Route - Shuitou Zaishan
  • Departure Location: Route: Jincheng Station→Jincheng Public Health Center→Ximen Village Office→Stadium→Juguang Tower→The National Open University→Shuitou Village→The Ming Dynasty Street→Wentai Pagoda→Zhaishan Tunnel→Zhushan→Jincheng Station
  • Monday-Sunday
  • 08:25-12:03
  • For more details on the pass, you can refer to this timetable
  • B Route - Guningtou Battlefield Line
  • Departure Location: Jincheng Station(Kinmen Civil Defense Tunnel Entrance)→Stadium→Ximen Village Office→Kinmen Civil Defense Tunnel Exit→Jincheng Public Health Center→China Youth Corps→General Li Guang-qian Temple→Peace Memorial Park→Beishan Western Style House→Guningtou Battle Museum→Shuangli Wetlands Nature Center→Cihu Triangle Fortress, Observation Deck→Jincheng Station
  • Monday-Sunday
  • 13:25-17:19
  • C Route - Shishan Folk Culture Village Line
  • Departure Location: Monday Route: Shanwai Station→Shamei Street→Shanching Road→Mashan Observation Post→Shishan (Mt. Lion) Howitzer Front→Shanhou Folk Culture Village→Kinmen Guest House→Shanwai Station. Tuesday to Sunday Route: Shanwai Station→Shanhou Folk Culture Village→Shishan (Mt. Lion) Howitzer Front→Mashan Observation Post→The History Folklore Museum→Shanwai Station
  • Monday-Sunday
  • 08:25-12:06
  • 08:25-12:15
  • D Route - Banyan Park & Taihu Lake
  • Departure Location: Shanwai Station→August 23rd Artillery Battle→Military Brothel Exhibition→Qionglin Village→Bicycle Story House→Chen jinglan's Western→Shanwai Station
  • Monday-Sunday
  • 13:25-17:15
  • E Route - Wind Lion God morning route
  • Departure Location: Shanwai Station→Qionglin→Zhonglan→Hecuo→Doumen→Xiatangtou→Pubian→Liu' ao→Lucuo→Houzhai→Yangshan→Tiandun→Xiyuan→Tangtou→Guan' ao→Shanwai Station
  • Monday-Sunday
  • 08:25-12:05
  • F Route - Wind Lion God afternoon route
  • Departure Location: Shanwai Station→Yangzhai→Xiwu→Dongheng→Bishan→Shanhou→Shamei→Houputou→Houshuitou 1→Dongxiao→Houshuitou 2 →Caicuo→Dongshawei→Dongsh an→Dongxi→Dadi→Tianpu→Nanxiong→Shanwai Station
  • Monday-Sunday
  • 13:25-17:15


  • Children aged 0-6 can join this activity free of charge provided they will not occupy separate seats
  • Children aged 7+ will be charged the same rate as adults


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