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Экскурсия на пастбища альпак, остров Нами и в Сад утреннего спокойствия с отправкой из Сеула (от компании S.A Tour)

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  • Get to visit Nami Island, a popular shooting location for the Korean drama "Winter Sonata." The place is famous for its beautiful and romantic natural scenery
  • Have fun with adorable alpacas at the largest alpaca theme pasture in Korea!
  • Take photos like in the Korean dramas at the Garden of Morning Calm, with thouseands of blooming flowers
  • This day tour just outside of Seoul is perfect for the entire family

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Day Tour


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Make the most out of your trip to Seoul by getting outside of the city on this family-friendly day tour! Start your day by traveling to the province of Gangwon-do and interacting with the cutest alpacas you'll ever see at a Chuncheon alpaca pasture! Feed these adorable animals, watch them graze together, and take selfies with them! Once you're getting hungry yourself, be treated to some Chuncheon-style cheese dak galbi (cheese chicken cooked on an iron platter) for lunch before setting off to the iconic Nami Island. This famous natural attraction is known for its tall tree paths and was shot for the renowned Korean drama, "Winter Sonata." In the Garden of Morning Calm, one of the most romantic sites in the region, you can enjoy not just a romantic stroll, but also take photographs that look like it was taken right out of a romantic Korean Drama. This day tour is definitely one of its kind, where you can explore some popular places that can't be found in Seoul.

Alpaca Pasture
Let these cute alpacas make your day when you take this fun and family-friendly day tour!
winter sonata statue
Relive moments from the famous K-drama, Winter Sonata as you find the statues of the characters scattered around Nami Island
cherry blossom trees in nami island
Experience Nami Island's beauty during the season of spring where it boasts its cherry blossom spread
garden of morning calm
Find sweetness and romance in the beautiful landscapes of the Garden of Morning Calm


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