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Klook teams up directly with high-quality operators offering the most unique travel experiences: specialty activities, food-themed excursions and adventure expeditions, spectacular shows and unique modes of transport, as well as sightseeing tours and iconic attractions.Wondering if your activities are suitable for Klook? Drop us a line and let's discuss!

Diverse Marketing Channels

Differentiated marketing strategies directed beyond traditional English-speaking tourists connect you with China, now the largest, fastest growing travel market

Select Partner Community

Unlike an open marketplace, Klook teams up only with select operators for each activity, ensuring you maximum revenue while curating the best experiences for travelers

Business Expansion Resources

Our team of experts draws from years of extensive experience, working in fields that range from the China Tourism Board and Morgan Stanley to Tencent

Leverage Online/Mobile Bookings

There is no denying the rise of Internet- and mobile-based booking when it comes to travel. Maximise last-minute cancelations and reach customers who prefer to book on-the-go. Ride the trend today – get online with Klook!

Reach Customers Before They Arrive

Eighty percent of travelers scour the Internet during research and decision-making stages of their planning. Reach customers from the get-go with Klook

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