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Covid-19 Swab Test by BP Healthcare Group in Kuala Lumpur
★ 4.5
600+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 56.65

US$ 50.99

[Free Delivery] Durian Mama in Klang Valley & Johor Bahru
★ 4.7
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 33.75

From US$ 20.79

In-Home COVID-19 Swab Test by Homage
★ 4.9
200+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

From US$ 47.19

[Klook Exclusive] Durian Delivery in Klang Valley
Instant Confirmation

US$ 17.69

From US$ 12.99

Drive-Thru Covid-19 RT-PCR Swab Tests by LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre in Bangsar
★ 4.6
300+ Booked
Instant Confirmation

US$ 58.99

[Klook Exclusive] Durian Hours Delivery in Klang Valley
★ 5.0
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 23.15

US$ 16.29

[Free Delivery] Durian For You in Klang Valley
★ 4.5
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 39.25

US$ 30.19

[Free Delivery] Durian Bear in Klang Valley
Instant Confirmation

US$ 20.29

From US$ 15.35

[Klook Exclusive] Pak Cik Durian Delivery in Klang Valley
★ 5.0
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 16.05

From US$ 11.35

[Free Delivery] Dking Durian in West Malaysia
★ 4.8
New Activity
Instant Confirmation

US$ 42.70

From US$ 38.95

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Why people love Kuala Lumpur

First visit to this restaurant. Bought breakfast buffet as it’s flash sales and cheaper. The reservation has been made via Table Apps and Klook. The atmosphere is comfortable and you may see the view of Kuala Lumpur if the waiter arrange your seat beside windows. Due to Covid-19 situation, the restaurant will prepare a slide of glass to avoid interaction when you take the food. There will be a chef and three waiter will assist you to take the food even though it is buffet style but you are only able to order the food and the food will take by the waiter. The choice of food is standard. They prepare few type of juice for you to choose. Remember not to choose watermelon juice as it’s didn’t have the taste of watermelon but only water taste. Highly recommend for their orange juice as it’s really fresh enough. And also their croissant as it’s really soft and crispy. You can try their yogurt if you are yogurt lover. Aside, you can order egg such as omelette but remember to add in salt or pepper would be an advantage. Lastly, thanks Klook for selling this voucher and I got the chance to try buffet style in breakfast time. Location is easy to access and redemption of process is smooth. You are advise to park the car to the hotel parking if you are driving.
Everything smooth from start to end. Book 12pm session without knowing the animal show also at that time, so it filled my time ☺️ Due to pandemic, they handle visitors with very well-organized. Gladly every visitor follow the new rules. But as for the animal... they look skinny especially our Tiger. Any than that everything was so fine, if you're tired of walking, you can take tram and relax enjoying the view. It only cost RM8 (for Malaysian). Suitable for bunch of teenagers, solo traveler, family. Have a visit when you come to Malaysia/ when you visit Kuala Lumpur.
best tu mmng best. but I'm upset that the staff can't explain. I don't care about the speaking part. the story of the article explain him. dtg dtg kata tak "i dont know" waklu. I'll call you for help. He just finished 5 minutes of the game. but the female staff is nice and bright. women are happy to understand. nokharam. but best je game he's just wrong. I don't know if I'm wrong or if I'm stupid, I'm not good at it. hahaha main yg vampire tu. he said there was a measles vampire we knew. over is. hahhaa but mmng best. ckp best ni dah bnyk kali dah. ok bye. I'll have more money later. I sprayed the staff. taklah tipu je. Maybe he's new or less smart like us. heheh it's a joke. ok let's come support. The staff is ok, except for the white ckp.
Really great experience. Very entertaining and informative tour done by an amazing guide. Although it was just me on the tour, I still had an enthusiastic reception. The guide was ever ready to answer all my questions. At the end of it, I had gained so much knowledge and a better insight into the life of a blind person.
Delicious FAT macaroons. KLOOK will send email inform you there are six flavours: Teh Tarik, Creme Cheese Blueberry, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Mango Vanilla, Mint candy can, Coffee Orange and also will request you reply for the pick up time. My favourite flavour is Creme Cheese Blueberry. When arrived the restaurant, the macaroons is ready and just show them the voucher qr code for redemption.
Was served by 2 staffs. The first staff insisted that I could only use 1 voucher per table. Luckily, the second staff came and let me use the voucher for side dish as well. Lamb was tasty, the sauce, potato was great. After finishing the food, while waiting for the car outside, the second staff was kind and offered to take photo for us with the KL Tower, it turned out nice (he must be experienced helping countless of visitors with such photos haha). It was around 9pm, the KL Tower facade was illuminated with different colours of light lasting for few minutes.