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Why people love Bangkok

I have only been to the aquarium in St. Petersburg and it did not impress me at all. I thought that this was not my type of vacation at all. But I really liked Bangkok. Perfectly selected music creates the atmosphere. There are even a few places to sit and contemplate behind the huge aquarium. I would never have thought that I would stay in such a place for 4 hours !!! We took an admission ticket + 4D movie + glass bottom boat. We have never regretted it.
It is a must-visit attraction for parents and children. It is about 30 minutes' drive from downtown Bangkok. It is possible to arrange a whole day of activities by chartering or taking a taxi. Because there are many parks and ocean parks, various performances are very exciting and lunch is also good.
2​ days 1​ night​ trip​ from​ Bangkok​ to​ khao​yai​with​ the old.​ Car​ is​ clean and​ comfortable, driver is​ kind, arrived at​ the​ places that​ pick​us​ up​ 30​ mins​ in​ advanced​ every​ time,​ and​ he​ know​ Khao​ Yai​ ​ well​ too, gave us​ many​ suggestions,​ took​ us​ to​ the local good​ restraunt​s to​ have meal.​ Good​ arrangements​, good​ foods. It​ is​ a​ very​ pleasant trip.​​
It had been arranged to go to Bangkok in February 2020 to pay the vows, but when the epidemic broke out, there was basically no way to go abroad to pay the vows. After waiting for a year, I just happened to see that KLOOK offers the service of voicing the prayers on all sides, which is really great! The team of Erawan Buddhism Vow is very professional. I hope that the photos and videos will be sent to me the next day after the event. I really like your service!
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A very beautiful and unique content great experience .you can see bangkok from the top roof ..a glass walk also a great experience..when you see down when walk the glass you feel if break the glass ....I visited last time 11 April 2021 .very good staff and supporting person .. you should go there one time ...soft drinks too much costly..