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More than being the home base of many public and private international organizations, Geneva is an idyllic French-speaking Swiss capital with a lot of old-school charm. Its cobblestone streets lead to well-preserved historical buildings and landmarks that tell the story of its rise as a cultural melting pot and diplomatic powerhouse. Your list of things to do in Geneva won’t fall short of museum trips, peaceful afternoon walks in the park, gastronomic adventures with cheese and wine, and watersports by the lake. Don’t miss out on the attractions in Geneva with this handy travel guide!

The Geneva Water Fountain

The Jet d’Eau or Geneva Water Fountain is one of the tallest fountains in the world. Located in the middle of the lake, this iconic fountain is an emblem of Switzerland’s strength as a country. Its height spans up to 140 meters, using up to 500 liters of water in every shower. The public flock to see the light shows on weekends that run from 10:00am to 10:30pm. Swirls of color and rainbow displays entertain visitors of all ages, making it one of the best free attractions in Geneva.
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St Pierre Cathedral

Its beginnings as a Roman Catholic space comes as a surprise to visitors of St Pierre Cathedral. It’s more known for being the home of John Calvin, an important figure in the history of Protestant Reformation church and founder of Calvinism. Nowadays the cathedral is open for public viewing and regarded for its panoramic view of Geneva via the North and South towers. It’s also an archaeological site, since remains of the previous basilica that once stood in its place are now excavated and placed in a small museum within the cathedral grounds.
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Palais des Nations

Built to house the now-defunct League of Nations, the Palais des Nations is the repurposed headquarters of the United Nations. Guided tours in various languages are available to the public, which allows insight into the history and diplomatic ties of the UN, as well as artworks that centers around peace and human rights. It is here that the global organization comes up with solutions and policies. Don’t miss the Celestial Sphere at Ariana Park, a monument that symbolizes Geneva’s role as the center of dialogue and peace.
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International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

The International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is an ode to the past -- honoring the tribulations and victories of people affected during times of war. This museum holds permanent exhibits and interactive displays that highlight adversity. The birth and becoming of the Red Cross organization is also displayed through an interactive exhibit. Learn about the human side of Geneva’s history and the Red Cross’ humanitarian work through an audio guide.
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