No Screaming On Rides & No High-Fives With Characters In New Japan Theme Park Guidelines

Noelle Ong
Noelle Ong
29 May 2020
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New guidelines introduced for theme park visits in Japan

Many of us had plans to head to Japan this year and definitely a day would have been spent in Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan. Both theme parks have then been closed since late February. 
With Japan lifting its state of emergency,  amusement parks in Japan are looking ahead to prepare for reopening with increased precaution and safety measures. 
The East Japan and West Japan Theme Park Associations has released a set of guidelines which says it has the agreement of Oriental Land Japan and USJ, the companies that manage Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea and Universal Studios Japan, respectively. 
Some of the measures are nothing that we’re not already familiar with, capping admission to parks and individual attractions, or checking guests’ temperatures at park entrances and denying admission to those with fevers, and also asking all guests to wear masks while inside the park.
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They also encourage visitors to purchase admission tickets in advance to shorten the amount of time spent standing in lines and handling cash. 
P.S. Klook has mobile e-tickets that allow you to scan your phone barcodes and head right in! 

“Refrain from vocalising loudly”

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Guests are encouraged to refrain from screaming on roller coasters and other conveyance-style attractions. With the coronavirus being an airborne virus, screaming on the roller coasters would mean riders’ breath, salvia and other mouth particles flying around. 
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Apart from thrill rides, even indoor attractions and costume character shows - haunted houses included are included in the list of attractions where you should refrain from screaming. 
'Ghosts' lurking in haunted houses should maintain a healthy distance from their 'victims', but you definitely should not let your guard down, they can and will scare you. 
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Characters in costume will also be asked to refrain from hugging or any other sort of physical contact with guests, which means no more hugs and high-fives your favourite life-sized plushies.
News Source: Sora News

Till it’s safe to head there again

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