Gin and Tonic with Chicken Rice? Change The Way You Drink Your Gin At CIN CIN

14 Mar 2020
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Savour Gin & Tonic with beloved local favourites

Whether a Gin and Tonic is your top drink of choice, or you’re just getting introduced to the world of gin, CIN CIN’s S.E.A. Edition Gin and Food Pairing Workshop will transform how you savour the versatile spirit.
This 1.5 hour workshop takes you on a journey into the flavours of Asia, with a specially curated selection of gin with roots in Thailand, Singapore and Japan. Then, the twist: you won’t just be tasting the gin with tonic water – you’ll also experience how they come together with some all-time favourite local dishes.
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CIN CIN Bar: Close to 100 varieties of gin from all over the globe

For getting to know gin a little better, CIN CIN is exactly the place to be. This glitzy hideaway is located on the ground floor of Oasia Hotel Downtown in Tanjong Pagar, and boasts one of the extensively curated collections of gin on the island. There’s everything from classic London Dry to Modern gin – like the Nordic Kyro Helsin Gin – that push the boundaries of the spirit’s definition.

What to expect

Grab a seat at the bar, and let award-winning head bartender Fadly Sujebto whisk you away on a forage into the wide world of gin.
The 1.5 hour-long SEA Gin and Food Pairing Workshop will include:
  • 3 selections of gin
  • 3 premium tonic water mixers
  • 3 Southeast Asian delicacies to pair

Part 1: The Gin

Your journey begins with defining gin – a clear spirit distilled with juniper berries that give it distinct piney notes.
Next, you’ll be introduced to the different styles of gin: the famous London Dry, the sweeter old-school Old Tom, and the diverse “Modern gin”.
The last category has reclassified how the world defines gin, as distilleries began incorporating different types of botanicals and techniques to create gin that move far beyond the traditional pine-heavy varieties.
In recent years, Asian distilleries have crafted unique gins with increasing variety and creativity. The workshop takes you through three types of Asian gin – Paper Lantern, Roku Gin and Ki No Bi.
#KlookTip: There’s a little booklet for you to document your gin and tonic pairings – don’t forget to take notes!
After trying the gin neat, you’ll move on to pairing the gin with tonic water, which come together in the classic G&T.
It’s one thing to find a high-quality gin – but a G&T is only as good as both the gin and tonic water it’s made with. With the ethos “one will not make gin and tonic of quality, without high quality tonic as well”, CIN CIN uses only premium tonic water.
These artisan tonic water mixers have flavour profiles that vary from the zesty and faintly bitter East Imperial Yuzu Tonic, to the refreshing superfood-infused Double Dutch Pomegranate and Basil.
If you’re new to gin and tonic, you might be surprised at how much the tonic water transforms the taste of each gin.
#KlookTip: Start with a 1:1 ratio of gin to tonic, and adjust to your preference after that. Anything beyond 3 parts of tonic water dilutes the drink too much.

Part 2: The Food

Now for the most intriguing part: pairing your gin and tonic with food. Each gin and tonic is partnered with a specific local delicacy – Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singapore Laksa and Peranakan Otak-Otak.
The combined trifecta of food, gin and tonic aims to attain balance – whether by cutting the food’s richness to reset your palate for the next bite, or enhancing the spices and subtle notes within a dish.
Have a bite, take a sip and savour how all the different flavours interplay.

Explore Gin and Tonic in different way

If you’re looking for a different way to explore the vibrant world of Asian gin, CIN CIN’s Gin and Food Pairing Workshop makes for the perfect adventure.
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This giveaway runs from 8 to 14 April, with the workshop itself slated to be held at 5pm on 23 April at CIN CIN. Head on over for your chance to score this revelatory G&T experience!