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A city that’s lively, hip, and multicultural, Brussels is filled with packed hotspots, hidden gems, and new adventures that are just waiting to be explored. Offering such a diverse range of activities, one will never run out of things to do in Brussels! Marvel at the city’s various architectural styles, including art deco and art nouveau, as you walk through neighborhoods like Ixelles, Grand-Palace, and Saint-Giles. Foodies will love the city’s spectacular cuisine, with local delicacies such as speculoos, half-en-half, moules-frites, and more!

Grand Place - Grote Markt

Located in the city center, the Grand Place - Grote Markt is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Even Victor Hugo, the French poet and novelist, described it as "the most beautiful square in Europe". With its ornate guild houses, adorned with statues gilded with fine gold, you’ll surely be amazed by its aesthetic opulence! Visitors and locals alike flock to the square during special events, such as the light show, the flower carpet, and the Christmas market, which makes it even livelier than usual.
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Manneken Pis

One of the most popular tourist spots in Brussels, the Manneken Pis is a famous statue of a boy peeing into the fountain. During certain events in the year, the statue is dressed up in a variety of cute costumes. As of today, the statue has over 1,000 outfits available, which follow a calendar that’s created by the city every year. Make sure to catch the street performances and try out some of the food that’s sold nearby, such as the waffles and the chocolates from the nearby stores.
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Built in 1958 for the World Expo 58, the Atomium is a massive scientific monument that has 9 spheres, which represent an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. Learn about the history of the Atomium at the permanent exhibit, before you make your way up to the top to walk through the tubes and spheres, all while you enjoy panoramic views of Brussels and its surroundings. The Atomium also features escalators with a stunning light show, temporary exhibits, and even a restaurant inside the highest sphere.
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Royal Palace of Brussels

Located on the city’s Place des Palais, the Royal Palace of Brussels is where the monarchy performs its administrative tasks. Though the palace is closed to the public for most of the year, the palace opens its doors every summer from July to August. After bags are checked at the entrance, visitors can explore the palace’s rooms, where they can bask in its grandeur. Each room exhibits the best of Neoclassical architecture and grandiose decor, with gorgeous chandeliers and even a jaw-dropping ceiling with Thai jewel beetles!
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