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Helsinki is cool in every sense of the word. From the weather and culture, to the local art and design scene, this city brings out the hip side of Finland. This seaside capital is home to delicious Nordic and Scandinavian cuisine, fascinating historical sites, breathtaking urban nature, and vibrant nightlife. Learn more about the best things to do in Helsinki through this travel guide!


With a name that directly translates to the 'Castle of Finland', the Suomenlinna is a military heritage site off the coast of Helsinki. It was initially named 'Sveaborg' by the Swedes who built it as a maritime defense in the 18th century, but later reclaimed by Finland after its independence from Russia. Nowadays, it's one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the country. Go on a day trip and discover cafes, a brewery, a supermarket, and museums that tell the story behind its walls. Cannons, tunnels, bunkers and dockyards are also available for viewing, as well as Finland's last submarine from World War II.
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Temppeliaukion Church

The Temppeliaukio Church is an architectural wonder frequented by tourists all-year-round. Nicknamed the 'Rock Church', its dome structure is excavated into solid rock fitted with concrete beams and lined with copper. Natural light shines through the row of skylight windows that circle the dome, illuminating the unworked rock walls of the temple-church. This design gives the Temppeliaukio Church its excellent acoustics, allowing it to double as a concert venue for musical performance. Catch a sightseeing bus and buy a ticket to see this attraction for yourself.
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Helsinki Cathedral

The iconic Helsinki Cathedral is the most popular attraction in Helsinki. Built in the 19th century as a tribute to Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, then Grand Duke of Finland, this neoclassical Lutheran church symbolizes the country’s capital. Since it’s one out of four buildings in the Senate Square, this landmark is the starting point of all national events and festivals. Drop by for a visit to its many exhibits that occur by the season, or shop for souvenirs at the Cathedral Shop.
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Sibelius Monument

Located in a park of the same name, the Sibelius Monument commemorates the world-famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. This abstract sculpture by Finnish artist Eila Hiltunen combines more than 600 steel pipes to create a wave-like form that represents music. Upon closer inspection, its welded pattern adds texture to the pieces and adds more depth to its character. The bust of Jean Sibelius sits on the right-hand side of the monument, allowing for the quintessential Helsinki backdrop. Taking pictures might prove difficult though -- this monument, along with the park, is a popular pit stop for tourist buses.
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