10 Winter Travel Essentials You Need To Keep You Warm This Winter

14 Mar 2020
mikhail vasilyev 6WsB9rYdyo unsplash

Essentials to keep you warm on a cold night

It’s nice to travel during the winter to experience snow, making snow angels and probably get to bury yourself in them, but it will be more fun if you pack yourself the right essentials. It’s good to keep in mind to stay warm— health is wealth, remember that! So here are ten must-bring essentials on your winter trip!

1. Thermals

They may be thin and slightly fashionable, but long john’s (also known as thermals) are good at retaining heat. Consider this as the first layer of clothing as you battle against the cold!

2. Scarves

The rest of your body might be covered up, but don’t forget your neck. Covering the neck retains our body’s natural heat. Scarves can also help to heat the nose, mouth, and ears. Not only does it keep you cozy warm, but it also ups your winter OOTD.

3. Boots

We all hate the feeling of wet shoes and socks, so it’s a must to bring yourself a good pair of boots, they’re not just thick to keep your feet warm, they also help in keeping your feet dry. Some of them come with heels too, for your information.

4. Beanies

When your head is warm, your body is too. That’s why wearing a beanie on your winter trip is a must. Some beanies are big enough that it gives warmth up to your ears. Beanies are also a way to perk up your winter get up.

5. All types of moisturizers

Aside from the normal hot sun, extreme cold can dry up our natural moisture too. That’s why when packing, make sure to include facial, hands, body and even lip moisturizers. Winter is fun, but don’t forget your skin hydrated.

6. Thermo Flask

Aside from the clothing, warm beverages will help you enjoy your winter trip more. So to keep them warm, bring a trusty thermos flask. You can get it in different sizes— bigger if you’re going with the family, or a handy size if you’re going solo.

7. Gloves

Hands are the most sensitive to cold, keeping them gloved, and snug will help you last the whole day. Get yourself gloves that are thick enough to keep them from freezing, and ones that won’t quickly get soaked, especially if you plan to have a fun day of snowball fights in the open fields.

8. Down Jacket

Yes, we’re layering clothes up! The long john’s alone may help, but you might need an additional down jacket to get that warmth you need. Down jackets are often thick and fluffy, and since it’s winter, the winds can be a bit harsh, it’s best to double up the protection.

9. Heat Packs

No heater is available in the wide-open, so bringing your own heat packs is an advantage! And today, you can get rechargeable heat packs too, some you can stick under your feet and some you can hand-carry. They’re convenient and nifty, keeps you toasty as well.

10. Medicine

After a day in the cold, it’s not rare for someone to get a runny nose or a cough. So always be prepared and carry medicines with you. Only keep in mind to seal them properly and pack them in handy plastic or bag.