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Lembang Park and Zoo Ticket in Bandung

[Klook Special] Lembang Park and Zoo Ticket in Bandung
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  • Lembang Park and Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Bandung and is a popular attraction for families!
  • Inside, you’ll be able to explore the lush environments and observe a wide variety of adorable creatures
  • See the likes of the binturong, tigers, and lions, plus get to interact with ostriches and other fauna
  • Around the park, there will be fun activities that you and your companions can partake in and enjoy

What to expect

Bandung is home to many zoos, and one of the largest and most popular ones is the famous Lembang Park and Zoo. Take a break from sightseeing around the city, purchase a ticket to enter this wildlife reserve, and spend a relaxing day with your family and friends exploring it! You can choose to wander around on foot or borrow one of the e-scooters available on-site. As you visit the different sections of this massive zoo, you’ll be able to observe a wide variety of majestic fauna ranging from binturong to magnificent lions. You can even interact with some of the creatures like ostriches, plus learn all there is to know about Indonesia’s biodiversity through the trivia of the knowledgeable staff and naturalists.

a binturong in Lembang Park and Zoo
Visit Lembang Park and Zoo and say hello to the binturong, baby lions, tigers, and other animal wildlife inside!
Lembang Park and Zoo e-scooters
Explore the park and its main attractions or on foot, or hop on an e-scooter and feel the breeze as you wander
lion cubs in Lembang Park and Zoo
Learn about how each of the animals in the zoo live in their habitat and observe their behavior
tigers in Lembang Park and Zoo
Hear about the efforts that naturalists make in order to protect the biodiversity and wildlife of Indonesia
There are countless activities you can enjoy with your family and friends, from feeding pigeons, riding on horses and playing with birds in the Bird Aviary
an ostrich in Lembang Park and Zoo
You can interact with some of the majestic animals in the park, like ostriches!
a panoramic view of the Lembang Park and Zoo
Make your way to scenic spots, sit back and relax, and take in spectacular panoramic views of the zoo

Things to note

  • You can find a prayer room, restaurant, parking area, and toilets in the zoo


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