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ZORB Inflatable Ball Adventure in Rotorua

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  • Get ready to superman dive into the steep hills of Rotorua inside the ZORB inflatable ball!
  • Squeal with laughter as you roll downhill inside the H2OGO water-filled ball or stay dry inside a DRYGO
  • Choose from 4 course tracks available in the packages: Straight, Sidewinder, Big Air, and the Mega Track
  • You can ride inside the inflatable balls on your own or bring one or two friends with you to experience the fun!

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H2OGO Straight Track (OG0003)

H2OGO Sidewinder Track (OG0001)

H2OGO MEGA Track (OG0006)

H2OGO Big Air Track (OG0005)

ZORB x4 Ride Combo (OG0007)


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What to expect

Everybody has probably dreamt of the crazy idea of having themselves roll down hills at some point in their lives - but, what if you actually can? In Rotorua, New Zealand you can make your dreams come true and roll down the hills just for the sheer fun of it. Book a ZORB Inflatable Ball adventure and prepare to dive into the hills on your own or with your friends! The ZORB experience is certainly one of the most unique activities in the country that you can find, offering 4 types of tracks for adventure seekers with a choice of dry (DRGYGO) or water-filled inflatable ball (H2OGO). You can choose the Straight track and superman dive down a 250m-long slope, the Sidewinder track and go through the twist and turns of the longest track in the world (350m long!), the Big Air track and fly down 3 epic drops, and of course the Mega Track, which is the fastest, longest and steepest downhill rolling track in the entire world. Talk about the best New Zealand adventure ever! Don’t miss out on the fun and book an ZORB ride now.

zorb inflatable ball
Hop inside the giant inflatable ball of fun and prepare for a wild ride down the hills!
3 women inside H2OGO inflatable ball
Grab a friend or two and feel the splash of the cool water inside the H2OGO
a couple inside the DRYGO inflatable ball
Or if you rather stay dry, you can always ride the DRYGO inflatable ball!
zorb inflatable balls in Sidewinder track
Race your friends as you go through the twist and turns of the Sidewinder track
Bird's eye view of the ogo courses
Quench your thirst for some adrenaline rush with the 4 courses available in the packages


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