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Sabah Must-Dos
Don't miss out on these popular tours and activities to experience the best of Sabah!
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Aquatic Adventures
Enjoy an island escape to Sabah, a marine treasure trove best experienced with these aquatic activities
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Unique Experiences
Indulge in discovering Sabah's local gems – do cultural activities, city tours, cruises, mountain excursions, and many more
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Adrenaline Hunter
These adrenaline-pumping activities are sure to delight even the most hardcore thrill-seekers!
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Course of Nature
Veer off the paved roads and go off the beaten path to unearth Sabah's lush nature and thriving wildlife
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Fresh from Sabah
New activities, new moments to create when in Sabah
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Why people love Sabah

my tour automatically become private tour when only two of us during pm session. our guide, nazrul is very knowledgeable, explaining in details about 5 largest ethnic in sabah. we can explore each ethnics' house and culture during tour. the tour was ended with amazing dance performance where u can join too.👍👍
such a nice exprience having a buffet on cruise. but unfortunately the wheather was not good on that day so we're quite dissapointed due to unable to watch the sunset. we only manage to take a few pictures around the cruise before stay inside because of rainy day. the food was nice but not too many choice but we are really enjoying performance while eating.💃
Klias river cruise is great outdoor experience. We were the only boat in the water the other day. 2 hours car ride from Kk and we are there for high tea. Around 5pm, we were i the boat for a good 1 1/2 hours. Saw lots of monkeys and Joel (TG fr Amazing Borneo) is informative and described the monkeys in great details. Then after dinner we gone back on water to watch firefly. The tree lit like Christmas tree. Overall great experience. Should try.
*Highly recommended* Although I booked and joined the tour during RMCO period and some unexpected things happend, the local operator made it so amazing and wonderful. I really appreciate the way they treat their customers, because I can feel that they have high responsibility and good work ethics. Special thanks to the local operator and the nice, thoughtful, and patient tour guide - Hafis. PS: Luckily I saw the Mount Kinabalu. kkkkkk

Top sights in Sabah

The Malaysian State of Sabah, found in the north part of Borneo, is every adventurer’s haven. The tourist attractions in Sabah are mostly found outdoors, such as nature reserves, beaches, and isolated islands. Visitors often find themselves doing activities such as diving through the waters of the seaside, hiking up Mount Kinabalu, or being one with nature at Kinabalu Park.

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