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  • 24 Best Cycling Routes and Bike Trails in Singapore for a Fun Weekend Adventure

    Brandon Loo
    Brandon Loo
    Last updated 10 May 2023
    24 Best Cycling Routes and Bike Trails in Singapore for a Fun Weekend Adventure banner

    Here are the best bicycle routes and nature biking trails in Singapore for you to explore!

    Cycling in Singapore has really been picking up over the past few years! Other than popular cycling trails like East Coast Park and Macritchie Reservoir, you’ll be able to see more cyclists out on the roads now, especially with all the new park connectors coming up. 
    Besides being a great form of exercise, you’ll also be able to explore more of Singapore on a bike, including some locations that are off the beaten track. For the nature lovers out there, there are also several nature biking trails across the island to get acquainted with!
    The best thing is, you can do it at any time of the day. While not all cycling trails are suitable after dark, we pick out those cycling routes that are safe for night cycling to unwind after a long day and even for a supper stop!
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    Bike rental services for if you don't own a bike!

    The best thing about a small country like Singapore is that no matter where you stay, you can literally ride your way to any bicycle route that you've chosen to explore (minus Pulau Ubin of course).
    If you don't own a bike or if you're not up for the challenge of putting in those extra kilometers to the meeting point, you can always rent a bike that's nearer to your planned cycling route.

    1. Singapore Round Island Loop

    singapore cycling routes RI 1
    As far as life achievements go, completing a round island loop is as legit as it gets! While there are various routes to this loop, the minimum distance is still 120 km and you will be covering a mixture of roads, park connectors, and gravel. Thus, we would recommend only cyclists of an intermediate or higher level to tackle this route!
    singapore cycling route RI 2
    Photo by plotaroute
    While the distance of this route alone might be a little intimidating, there are still some pretty cool plus points to get out of conquering this challenge! Visit the fabled Lamp Post 1 at Tuas if you're on the 160+ km route, ride through the tranquil greenery of Kranji or you can even catch the sunrise from Punggol or East Coast Park!
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate - Hard
    • Distance: 120-200+ km
    • Address: Singapore
    • Getting there: Your meet-up point will be your endpoint!
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    2. Round Island Route (Eastern Half)

    While the round island loop above is mainly reserved for seasoned cyclists, there will also be a beginner-friendly route around Singapore for your everyday cyclists too! Stretching a cool 150 km around the island and consisting of various interlinked park connectors, you can now enjoy an easy ride on the flat pavement while surrounded by the best of Singapore's nature.
    With the eastern section of this route now open, you can experience this 75km-long green corridor spanning from Rower's Bay Park to Berlayer Creek. The best part is, this route contains scenic coastal boardwalks and various lookouts that you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset at!
    • Difficulty level: Easy - Intermediate
    • Distance: 75 km
    • Address: Rower's Bay Park Or Berlayer Creek
    • Getting there: Your meet-up point will be your endpoint!
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    3. Mandai Loop

    singapore cycling routes mandai loop
    For all those spinning enthusiasts out there, this route's for you! Spinout (cycling in a low gear ratio in order to climb up steep slopes) to your heart's content as you tackle a loop around Singapore's central catchment reserve!
    As beautiful and calming as the views are around you while you cycle, this route also comes with challenging climbs so take note of that.
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate
    • Distance: 40 km
    • Address: Central Catchment Nature Reserve
    • Getting there: Nearest start point, Orchard Road MRT
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    4. Mount Faber Loop

    Don't let the short distance of this route fool you because you'll be in for one tough workout. After all, Mount Faber is home to Singapore's highest peak!
    The elevation or steepness of the slopes up this climb is what makes this route so challenging, making it the perfect training spot for both beginners and experienced riders, with only their timings differentiating them.
    • Difficulty level: Hard
    • Distance: 3 km
    • Address: Mount Faber
    • Getting there: Nearest MRT - Harbourfront MRT
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    5. Seletar Loop

    singapore cycling routes seletar loop
    A popular route amongst avid local cyclists, the Seletar loop is a ring road that takes you around the Seletar Aerospace Park! With the majority of this route being on the road, it is recommended that cyclists with road-riding experience tackle this.
    Besides being a fun loop to test your strength and hit personal best timings, the Seletar Aerospace Park is also home to multiple popular cafes like Soek Seng 1954 Bicycle Cafe and Sunset Grill where you can chill out after your ride.
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate - Hard
    • Distance: 12 km
    • Address: Seletar Aerospace Park
    • Getting there: Nearest MRT - Yishun MRT, Punggol MRT, Sengkang MRT
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    6. St. John's & Lazarus Island

    If you're one that prefers experiencing the great outdoors to some urban exploration, taking a day trip to the Southern Islands is just the activity for you! St. John's and Lazarus Islands are also connected by a causeway, making exploring the island's breathtaking nature and wildlife on a bike easier and more enjoyable.

    7. Jurassic Mile

    Video by CNA
    The latest cycling path to be unveiled in Singapore, get ready to travel way back in time to visit some dinosaurs during your adventure at the Jurassic Mile! A 1 km stretch that starts from Tanah Merah Coastal Road and ends at Changi Airport Terminal 4, get up close and meet dinosaurs like the T-Rex and Velociraptors!
    Part of the 3.5 km Changi Airport Connector, you can even continue your journey which leads you all the way into Terminal 2! Grab a hearty breakfast or a refreshing drink at the Hubs & Spokes Cafe and enjoy the serene surroundings of Changi Airport.
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: Changi Airport Connector (3.5 km)
    • Address: Airport Blvd
    • Getting there: Enter through Tanah Merah Coastal Road or Changi Airport Terminal 2
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    8. Rower's Bay Park

    Video by Bike Session
    Intended as a rest stop for the 150 km Round Island Route, Rower's Bay Park is also a great segment for cyclists to have a leisurely morning or evening ride, and the park is kid friendly too!
    Located Just off the popular cycling route that connects Yishun to Punggol, you'll be able to experience nature up close at the boardwalks where you'll get to see various birds and wildlife that call the wetland area home.
    For the experienced riders, you'll be glad to know that there are works in the way of creating a PCN loop around Lower Seletar Reservoir, perfect for a scenic ride.
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: Park Connector next to Rower's Bay Park (1.5 km)
    • Address: Seletar Club Rd
    • Getting there: Nearest Bus Stop (103, 117)
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    9. Coast to Coast Trail

    Video by shawneydepp
    From Jurong Lake Gardens to Coney Island in Punggol, this 36 km route cuts across Singapore via park connectors, nature parks, and even HDB estates ensuring you get the best of our nature and heartlands at the same time!
    While this was meant to be a trail for walking, you can also complete this route on your bike within half a day! We recommend setting off bright and early, that way you can enjoy pitstops at popular eateries that are along the way.
    Before setting off on your journey, you may want to check the NParks Coast to Coast page for any route closures along the way.
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate
    • Distance: Coast to Coast Trail (36 km)
    • Address: Jurong Lake Gardens / Coney Island
    • Getting there: Jurong Lake Gardens - Lakeside MRT, Coney Island - Take Bus 84 from Punggol Interchange
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    10. Kranji Marshes Loop

    singapore cycling routes kranji marshes
    Photo by NParks
    With over 170 species of birds, 54 species of butterflies, and 33 species of dragonflies in a 56.8-hectare freshwater marshland, there's definitely more than enough nature to explore in Kranji Marshes!
    singapore cycling routes kranji marshes map
    With beautiful flora surrounding you and a cool breeze from the northern coastline, Kranji Marshes makes for the perfect post-ride cooldown spot.
    singapore cycling routes kranji marshes route
    For the avid cyclist, the Kranji Marshes Loop is a great way to enjoy nature while getting a good workout! With a distance of close to 70 km, you'll pass landmarks like Lim Chu Kang Road, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Macritchie Reservoir, Upper Seletar Reservoir, and Kranji Marshes in this loop.
    • Difficulty level: Hard
    • Distance: Kranji Marshes Loop (70 km)
    • Address: Kranji Marshes, 11 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718814
    • Getting there: Take the Kranji Express Bus from Kranji MRT
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    11. East Coast Park 

    singapore cycling routes east coast park
    Photo by Rayson Tan
    With a distance of 15 km, this is the perfect place for a weekend trip with the family for a casual ride. Those who want a little more challenge can also take the popular Eastern Coastal Loop to Pasir Ris Park.
    If you don’t own a bike, there are a few shops in the park that offer bicycle rental services. They even have tandem and family bikes so beginners won’t get left out. 
    What’s best about East Coast Park is that Marine Parade is a stone’s throw away and they have amazing food centers like the Lagoon and East Coast Food Centre where you can get a delicious seafood meal from JUMBO. The perfect way to end a good day’s workout is with an equally great meal!
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: East Coast Park (15 km)
    • Address: E Coast Park Service Rd
    • Getting there: Take Bus 401 from Bedok Interchange
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    12. Marina Bay Loop

    singapore cycling route marina bay
    Photo by Victor He
    If you would like to catch the stunning view of Singapore’s skyline as the sun sets, this is the route to take! The Marina Bay loop runs for 11 km, starting at Marina Bay Sands, make your way across the Helix Bridge and on towards the Esplanade and Merlion.
    singapore cycling routes marina bay map
    For an extra challenge, you can even extend this route into a double loop by heading in the opposite direction to Gardens by the Bay and further down to Marina Barrage.
    You can even go on a bike tour around the city and learn some fun facts from the local guides that you might not have known before! Those who prefer to soak in the scenic after hour charm should not miss out on this Marina Bay Evening Cycling Tour that will bring you around Marina Bay and Singapore Flyer. A guide will also bring you past the Singapore River and the city center, all while sharing more about the sights. A fun way to explore Singapore for sure!
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: Marina Bay Loop (11 km)
    • Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
    • Getting there: Bayfront MRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    13. Coney Island

    singapore cycling routes coney island
    Photo by @engchinan on Instagram
    Located far in the north-eastern part of Punggol all you need is your trusted bicycle or a pair of legs to have an enjoyable ride through Coney Island! Although the main path of the island only runs for 2.4 km, you can also explore the island’s coastal trails or chill at the hidden beach.
    The best part of Coney Island is that it is close to the Punggol Settlement, which has House of Seafood and other cafes for you to take a break.
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: Coney Island (2.4 km)
    • Getting there: Take bus 84 from Punggol Interchange
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    14. Northern Explorer Loop

    Video by NParksSG
    A ride through the Northern Explorer Loop will give you a good workout and also a great educational experience! You can take your time riding along this 25 km long route while appreciating nature at the same time.
    From Sembawang Park, follow the breeze towards Woodlands Waterfront Park and after which, you’ll pass by Admiralty Park where there’s a mangrove swamp. Look out for some mudskippers there! 
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate
    • Distance: Northern Explorer Loop (25 km)
    • Address: Simpang Kiri Park Connector - Sembawang Rd, 758495
    • Getting there: Yishun MRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    15. Central Urban Loop

    singapore cycling routes ang mo kio park
    Photo by NParks
    Not many can say that they’ve explored the heart of Singapore! Taking you from Ang Mo Kio down to the Kallang basin and back up in the opposite direction towards Punggol, if you follow all the park connectors on this map, you’d have covered a rough distance of 30 km.
    The awesome part of this route is that you can make several pit stops along the way to refuel for the long journey ahead.
    SG Brompton Bicycle Cycling Tour Lower Peirce Reservoir
    You can also join in a Brompton Bicycle Cycling Tour that will take you through the central heartlands of Bishan and Ang Mo Kio, and even to the scenic Lower Peirce Reservoir. This is also your chance to try out a Brompton bike on an actual journey if you have been eyeing one!
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate
    • Distance: Central Urban Loop (30 km)
    • Address: Balam Park Connector - Balam Rd
    • Getting there: Macpherson MRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    16. Sentosa Island

    Video by edmund chew
    A trip to Sentosa would usually include trips to the beach or popular attractions like Universal Studios Singapore or the Skyline Luge, but Sentosa is actually a great place to explore on a bike too! Climb up Sentosa hills for the perfect view of the island and the Singapore straits or cycle your way between beaches without having to wait for the trams.
    • Difficulty level: Easy/Intermediate
    • Distance: Sentosa Cycling Route (11 km)
    • Address: Sentosa Island
    • Getting there: Harbourfront MRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    17. Punggol Waterway Park

    video by Emjae Fotos
    Full of lush greenery, close to natural mangroves, and with trails that would have you thinking that you're in Jeju Island, if you're ever in the North-Eastern part of Singapore, the Punggol Waterway Park is a route you need to try for yourself!
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: Punggol Waterway Park route (4.2 km)
    • Address: Sentul Cres, Singapore 821313
    • Getting there: Sam Kee LRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    18. Lorong Halus Park Connector

    video by Chek Wee, Foo
    If you're looking for a quick and scenic way to get from Punggol to Pasir Ris or vice versa, a ride down the Lorong Halus Park Connector will do just the trick! Enjoy the gentle sea breeze and an amazing view as you ride past Lorong Halus Wetlands and Pasir Ris Farmlands. You'll even get to cross the iconic "Pasir Ris Red Bridge" on this route.
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: Lorong Halus Park Connector route (3 km)
    • Address: Pasir Ris Farmway 3
    • Getting there: By bus services 58, 88, 359 and 518, and alight at Bus Stop 77269 (Opp Block 717)
    • Suitable for night cycling: Yes

    19. Pulau Ubin

    Besides the technical Ketam Trail where experienced mountain bikers or adrenaline junkies head to for some downhill action, there are actually more scenic routes on Pulau Ubin that you can enjoy on a chill ride!
    Covering over 10 sq km in area, explore the island and its abundance of nature at your own pace or with a local guide. If you're looking to have a fun day out with your family, bikes are also available for rent on the island!
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate
    • Distance: Pulau Ubin (10 sq km)
    • Address: Pulau Ubin
    • Getting there: Take a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    20. Ketam Mountain Bike Trail

    Video by Trail Master
    Only 15 minutes away from Singapore via a ferry ride, the international-standard Ketam Moutain Bike Trail in Pulau Ubin is one bike route you won't want to miss! This 10 km trail is suitable for riders of all levels, with white circle runs for beginners and double-black diamond for advanced riders.
    If you’re thinking of bringing your own bike, note that you would have to pay an extra 1.51 USD during the ferry ride over.
    Check out more of Pulau Ubin with our guide on what to do on the island!
    • Difficulty level: Easy - Hard
    • Distance: Ketam Mountain Bike Trail (10 km)
    • Address: Pulau Ubin
    • Getting there: Take a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    21. Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail

    Video by Rudz Bristol
    Popular with seasoned riders, the 6.5 km mountain bike trail in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is full of challenging climbs and equally difficult descends! Visit this trail on weekend mornings and you’ll catch groups of avid mountain bikers trying to best their timings.
    There are numerous small entrances to the trail, but the most convenient one would be the ones at Hindhede Road and the Dairy Farm Nature Park carpark along Dairy Farm Road.
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate - Hard
    • Distance: Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail (6.5 km)
    • Address: 126F Rifle Range Rd, Singapore 588392
    • Getting there: Beauty World MRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    22. Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Trail

    Although only a short 3 km trail, the Kent Ridge cross country trail is highly technical and would test any rider’s strength, stamina, and technical handling skills. Relatively quiet on most days, give this route a try if you’re looking for a good leg workout!
    • Difficulty level: Intermediate - Hard
    • Distance: Kent Ridge Mountain Bike Trail (3 km)
    • Address: Vigilante Drive
    • Getting there: Kent Ridge MRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    23. Chestnut Nature Park

    Video by Edmond Ong
    A mountain bike trail for riders of all levels, it’ll be a fun day for anyone exploring this 8 km long trail. Marked out on signs at the entrance of the trail, beginners are recommended to try the Green Spot loop while the more experienced riders should give the Blue square sections a try! 
    If you’re a little more adventurous, we recommend trying out the Pump Park where you can hone your bike handling skills and even try out some stunts.
    • Difficulty level: Easy - Hard
    • Distance: Chestnut Nature Park (8 km)
    • Address: Chestnut Ave, Singapore 679514
    • Getting there: Pending LRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

    24. Mandai Track 15

    Video by Trail Master
    Located right next to the Singapore Zoo, Mandai Track 15 is the perfect mountain bike trail for beginners! With gentle slopes and smooth tracks, this 12 km long route is the perfect place to get into this adrenaline-pumping sport. Although it is for beginners, you’ll still get your fair share of a leg workout with numerous climbs and downhill runs here.
    • Difficulty level: Easy
    • Distance: Mandai Track 15 (12 km)
    • Address: 451 Mandai Rd
    • Getting there: Kranji MRT Station
    • Suitable for night cycling: No

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