You Can’t Leave Bangkok’s 7-11 Without Trying These

Klook Team
Klook Team
14 Mar 2020
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Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

You must be thinking, what’s the big deal about 7-11 stores, isn’t it just a convenience store stocked with all the regular snacks? In Bangkok the answer is NO! Not only will you find the regular packs of salt flavoured Lays chips and cans of coke, the 7-11 in Bangkok is a food lover’s paradise.
Step aside regular burgers and cold ham and cheese sandwiches and let Bangkok show you how convenience food should be done. These cheap eats found at almost every corner of the street might make you never want to leave Bangkok.

1. Sticky Rice Burger

bangkok 7-11 sticky rice burger
Who needs bread buns when you can have sticky rice buns! Locally inspired, these juicy grilled meat patties are sandwiched between two sweet sticky rice buns and of course, taste delicious. These burgers come in grilled pork, basil pork and even fried chicken flavors. Don’t forget to hand yours to the cashier and she’ll pop it into the microwave for you!

2. Filled Sweet Buns

7-11 bangkok buns
Boring chocolate or strawberry filled cream buns are so last year. Fans of durian rejoice! Now you can get your durian cravings satisfied in this durian custard filled bun. If you can’t stand the stench of the king of fruit, you can opt for the yam or black bean filling, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

3. Thai Milk Tea Soy Milk

thai milk tea soy milk
We’ve all had soy bean milk before, but have you had charcoal soy bean milk? Better yet, since you’re in Thailand, get your fill of Thai milk tea in this Thai milk tea flavored soy milk! Think the same Thai tea flavors minus the overpowering sweetness -you’ll empty the whole bottle in no time.

4. Rice pudding dessert cup

7-11 bangkok rice pudding
Do not belittle these rice pudding dessert cups. If you’ve just finished your meal of savory, spicy Thai food, these little cups serve as the perfect ending to your meal.

5. Croissant Sandwiches

crossaint sandwiches bangkok 7-11
If you’re looking for a quick breakfast, these croissant sandwiches are the perfect breakfast to grab and have on the go. Drop by the nearest 7-11, which is probably just a stone’s throw away, and grab a filling of your choice. We think the Carbonara sandwich sounds the most interesting!

6. Cuttlefish snacks

bento bangkok 7-11
These cuttlefish snacks are the perfect pairing with a nice cold bottle of Chang Beer! It comes in 3 different flavors and leave quite a strong aftertaste that lingers in your mouth. We definitely would not recommend eating this before a first date. But, if you’re hanging with your buddies at home with a couple of beers, this would be perfect!

7. Preserved fruit snacks

bangkok 7-11 preserved fruit snack
Sometimes it’s hard to find the fresh version of the fruit you are craving for, especially when it’s seasonal. These preserved fruit snacks might not look like much but trust us when we say they’re highly addictive. For the more adventurous foodies, we’d recommend getting the Tamarind pieces that are covered in sugar and spicy powder!
P.S. These make great food souvenirs to take home for the family to try!

8. Corn chip snacks

bangkok 7-11 corn chips
The only way to eat these corn chips are to put them on top of each of your fingertips and pretend they’re extremely long nails. These come in a couple of different flavors, but personally we like the original flavored ones!

9. Spicy Pretz sticks

bangkok 7-11 pretz
I’m sure many of us have seen Pretz sticks around in snack stores, but when in Bangkok, you have to try these special Thai flavored Pretz. From spicy shrimp to Tom Yum Goong and even basil pork, these savory biscuit sticks taste so much like the real thing your taste buds might be a little confused.

10. Filled Sandwiches

bangkok 7-11 sandwich
Last but definitely not to be missed on the list are the 7-11 sandwiches. If you prefer your sandwiches sweet, we’d go for the chocolate sandwich with banana cream filling! This can be eaten both hot or cold. But if you’re going for something savory, you should definitely go for the grilled cheese series, which ooze out melting hot lava cheese upon heating up.

Bangkok essentials

bangkok sim card
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