Bangkok Float Center

900+ 人參加過
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  • Relieve your stress and float away at the #1 rated Spa & Wellness Activity in Bangkok on TripAdvisor
  • Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in next-gen floating pods
  • Experience a level of relaxation incomparable to any other treatement
  • First-timers will get a 10-15 minute orientation session
  • Choose between a morning, afternoon or evening session to best suit your needs
  • Enjoy Private transfers between Bangkok City and major attractions is also available!


Floating sessions have become rapidly popular all over the world for its therapeutic benefits. Scientific studies have shown that there is something extremely soothing about being able to float in the water in perfect peace, silence, and isolation, calling back to how infants calmly floated during gestation, away from the stresses of the world. Floating pods have now come to Bangkok, allowing you to choose between 60-90 minutes of floating within your own pod. You'll be able to climb into the water and lay back to float and relax, letting the world's worries and stress fade away into the distance as you find yourself in peaceful isolation. First timers need not worry: there will be an orientation to help them get accustomed to the what to do within the pod. You'll find yourself emerging splendidly relaxed and at ease.

bangkok float center
Let the world slip away and float in peace
bangkok float center price
Choose between a 60 or 90-minute session in your own floating pod
bangkok float center session
First timers will receive orientation on how to proceed once within the pod
bangkok float center package
There are documented therapeutic benefits in floating peacefully



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