Suica 西瓜卡(東京領取)

100K+ 人參加過
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  • Get this convenient, all-in-one transport card valid for JR East trains, subway trains, and even some bus lines
  • It’s preloaded with JPY1,500 and easily reloaded at any Suica Card Tokyo redemption stations
  • No need to line up for individual tickets - just tap your card at the gate and you're good to go!
  • The card is also valid for purchases inside trains, vending machines, and select stores/restaurants


If you’re looking for a convenient way to get around Tokyo without having to go through the hassle of lining up for tickets or hailing vehicles, then you’re in luck! Book through Klook and avail of the Suica IC Card, which is one of the most nifty transportation cards you can purchase in the city! The card is pre-loaded with a total of JPY1,500 and you can top up the card with more at any Suica IC Card redemption station. You can use it to easily access JR East trains, subway lines, and even buses. It doesn’t just work as a transportation card! You can even use it to make purchases inside trains, vending machines, some convenience stores, and even selected restaurants! Make sure to purchase this card so that your travels around Japan, especially in Tokyo, become more pleasant and hassle-free.

Where to use your Suica IC Card
Where to redeem your Suica IC Card
a close up of the Suica IC Card; there's a cartoon penguin on it
Avail of the SUICA IC Card to make your travels around Japan more convenient!
someone tapping the Suica IC Card on a ticket gate
Skip the lines to buy tickets for the JR East trains, subway lines, and even buses
a vending machine with the Suica penguin holding a Suica IC Card
You can also use the card to go shopping - just look for any place with this adorable smiling penguin



  • 訂單立即確認,如未收到訂單確認資訊,請聯繫客服


  • 0 - 5歲兒童可免費參加
  • Children aged 6-11 can either purchase adult cards or buy child SUICA IC Cards (available at major JR East ticket counters)
  • 此優惠不適用於日本護照持有者


  • Maximum Stored Amount: JPY20,000. The card can be loaded and used as many times as desired
  • Balance can be checked by using the ticket vending machines at the station
  • The card expires if unused for 10 years. Expired cards can be replaced upon request & the remaining value will be transferred to the new card
  • Use your Suica IC Card when shopping by tapping the card at the card reader to complete your purchase. It is valid for purchases on trains, vending machines, rent coin lockers, convenience stores, and restaurants. Visit the Suica map for more details
  • Use your Suica IC Card when riding trains by tapping the card on the gate's ticket reader. The fare will be automatically computed and deducted from your card. If the balance is insufficient, you will be required to add more money to your Suica IC Card
  • To top-up your Suica IC Card, visit any Automatic Ticket Vending Machine and Fare Adjustment Machine with a Suica logo. Only cash (JPY) can be used to top up the card. Credit/Debit cards cannot be used
  • The Suica IC Card can also be used for certain transportation systems in the Sendai and Niigata, Hokkaido, Tokai, West Japan, and Kyushu areas. Visit the Suica map for more details
  • 此卡含預付儲值金,可於任意地鐵站、巴士站或合作的便利商店進行加值
  • 此卡可於指定便利商店、美食廣場、販賣機等地使用,無需使用現金支付
  • The Suica IC Card cannot be used for rides/purchases at locations outside the coverage area



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