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Tour Hẻm Núi Takachiho

Visit Japan’s national natural treasure

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2K+ Đã được đặt
Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures are being implemented for this activity. Please check the activity highlights below for more details
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  • Learn more about this activity’s Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures
  • Friendly and informative English speaking guide
  • Small group tour, maximum 8 people
  • Take a guided walk along the stunning Takachiho Gorge, enjoy breathtaking views and learn its legends
  • Chance to go rowing on the gorge, admire the rock formations and turquoise waters, and see the picture perfect Manai Waterfall close up
  • Catch some noodles! Try the Takachiho speciality of Nagashi Somen, chilled flowing noodles for lunch
  • Visit the ancient Takachiho shrine, make a wish and touch a 1000 year old cedar tree for a long life
  • Visit a mysterious and sacred cave connected with the legend of Amaterasu, the sun goddess

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Guided by a friendly and informative English speaking guide. Trace the paths of the gods and travel to one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Kyushu, the Takachiho Gorge. The natural wonder was formed when a huge volcanic eruption occurred over 90,000 Years ago. The Gokase river has cut down through this volcanic rock to reveal spectacular cliffs that rise between 80 to 100 meters above the river. Some of the region’s most mythical locations can be found around the gorge such as Takachicho Shrine, an 1800 year old shrine home to centuries old cedar trees said to bring good fortune. The Amanoyasukawara cave is another sacred spot connected with the sun goddess and founding mythology of Japan. One of the best ways to view the gorge is by boat – come face to face with the 17 meter Manai Falls on your half hour paddle. Takachiho Gorge is also the birthplace of Nagashi somen; a famous Japanese summer dish where the fun is to catch and eat chilled noodles which flow down a long bamboo pipe.

Takachiho Gorge
Visit the natural wonder that is Takachiho Gorge in Kyushu
Takachiho Gorge tour
The Amano Yasukawara Cave, a sacred Shinto site, it is good luck to take a stone to the cave and add it to a pile
Takachiho shrine tour
Visit several historical landmarks of the region
Chilled flowing somen noodles
Chilled flowing somen noodles called Nagashi Somen are fun to eat and a local speciality available all year round
Takachiho Gorge boating
Enjoy a unique boating experience next to a 17 meter waterfall

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