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A delicious meal and a cooking lesson

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  • Enjoy traditional Rajasthani cuisine and a home cooking experience in the heart of Jaipur city
  • Watch a live cooking demonstration where the home chef will showcase 2-3 dishes prepared for the meal
  • Learn fascinating Indian cooking secrets and make sure to note down a few recipes to take home
  • Your 4-course meal includes some of the region's favorites like green lentil fritters, spicy lamb and more

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Cook And Dine Experience

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Explore Jaipur cuisine as you dine and cook at the home of a local chef. Get a proper introduction to Indian food as you treat yourself to a 4-course feast of the country’s signature dishes. Your sumptuous meal features refreshing drinks, a variety of appetizers (lentil fritters, marinated lamb, etc.), traditional mains (aromatic dumplings, curries, daals and more). The meal is complete with Jaipur’s famous sweet delicacies — fried pancakes dunked in saffron flavoured sugar syrup. Pick up a few recipes that you can recreate at home and watch your host demonstrate cool cooking techniques.

 Jaipur home dining
Master the art of Jaipur cuisine on a 4-hour home dining experience
restaurants in Jaipur
Enjoy a delicious meal at the home of a local chef
where to eat in Jaipur
Sample some of the region's most favored delicacies
Jaipur dining
Enjoy a variety of home-cooked dishes from savory mains to sweet desserts

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