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Try relaxing spa packages in the comforts of your own accommodation

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  • Enjoy a private spa experience in the comforts of your villa, hotel room or accommodations
  • Choose from various spa packages designed to soothe your aching muscles
  • Pamper yourself with professional and high quality spa services delivered to your door
  • You can also book a-la-carte treatments for a more personalized experience

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Body Well-Being


Total Indulgence

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US$ 22.65 US$ 25.29

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Pamper yourself with relaxing spa packages in the comforts of your villa, hotel room or accommodations. Choose from four of the available packages depending on your preference. Get the Body Well-Being package and indulge in the Traditional Balinese Massage, plus a Full Body Scrub, leaving you refreshed and energized. You can opt to get the Calming package, that treats you to the Traditional Balinese Massage and a Facial - a great combination for a relaxing time. Or, try out the Cellulite Treatment package made up of the Deep Tissue Massage and a Full Body Coffee Scrub and Mask, perfect if you want to relieve muscle tension and get rid of stretch marks and cellulite. Finally, if you want the ultimate pampering package, book the Total Indulgence and get a little bit of everything - the Traditional Balinese Massage, a Facial and a Full Body Scrub. Allow your body to relax and end the treatment rejuvenated and refreshed for the rest of your vacation.

in villa spa and massage packages
Feel relaxed and energized after your treatment
in villa spa and massage packages
Pamper yourself with spa services in the comforts of your accommodation
in villa spa and massage packages
Choose from four relaxing packages depending on your preferences
in villa spa and massage packages
Get a full body massage plus a facial, full body scrub or all three!

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