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Thuê Thuyền Manly Kayak

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This activity is eligible for Dine & Discover NSW! Use your Discover Voucher to get $25 off!
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  • Rent a single or a double kayak to paddle in paradise on the pristine waters of North Harbour, exploring exclusive beaches and taking in stunning scenery at Manly
  • Everything you need for your kayak adventure will be provided
  • No prior kayak experience is needed
  • Kayak for one hour or extend your experience and discover Manly over 2, 3 or 4 hours

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Dine & Discover NSW Eligible - Single Kayak Hire

Dine & Discover NSW Eligible - Double Kayak Hire

Single Kayak Hire

Double Kayak Hire

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US$ 18.15

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The friendly and experienced staff will introduce you to basic paddling techniques and set you up with the necessary kayak skills as well as provide you with all the equipment you need for safe kayaking.

They will also show you a map of the area of operation, and when you are ready, off you go on your kayak adventure!

kayak manly
Join a group of friends for a paddle along the beautiful shorelines of Manly
kayaking manly
This experience is perfect for those wanting to explore Manly and it's surrounds
kayak hire manly
Check out the local waterfall at the back of one of the Manly beaches
manly beach
Access beaches that are only possible to reach by water

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