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Trải Nghiệm A Joo Chiat: My Heart Beads for Peranakan

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  • Meet with and see one of the most famous Popiah Skin making artists in action
  • Taste street snacks, smell spices, explore old-school craftsmen and fusion temples along back alleys
  • Get your IG fix with colorful modern and heritage moments at lesser-known spots!
  • Discover Joo Chiat as a part of both yesterday's and today's Peranakan roots
  • Experience the beads, clothes, and furniture of the Peranakans, while enjoying handmade Kuehs and Pea flower Tea
  • Receive a gift tea packet!

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My Heart Beads for Peranakan

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Get an insider-view of the Straits Chinese heritage with this interactive Joo Chiat walking and eating tour, discovering how the centuries-old traditions are translating into today's world. Find hidden architectural gems, experience Popiah and Kueh Pie Tee making, see unique craftsmen and fusion temples, feel the intricate Nonya beadwork, taste and smell the Rempah spice blends, enjoy famous crispy curry puffs, and indulge in colorful kueh pastries along the way.

tour poster
Get an insider-view of the Straits Chinese heritage with this interactive Joo Chiat walking and eating tour
facade of a colorful house
Enjoy the time with your friends and family
display of shoes
Find hidden architectural gems, experience Popiah making, and visit unique artisans
pots on display
Experience the intricate Nonya beadwork
Joo Chiat Complex
This is the meeting point for this tour - Joo Chiat Complex
sweets in singapore
These bite-sized soft and chewy Nyonya cakes are usually steamed in small ceramic tea cups to give them a shape
colorful houses in singapore
Enjoy your time to check out the East Coast Rd houses with the guide
colorful walkway in singapore
Wings mural is one of the best street art in Singapore
popiah skin
Learn how to make the popiah skin
Kuan Im Tng Temple
Standing Buddha at the entrance of the Kuan Im Tng Temple

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