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Visit the disputed maritime border between North and South Korea

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  • Visit non-restricted areas along the disputed maritime borders between North and South Korea
  • Observe a fake North Korean village created for propaganda purposes across the river from the Peak Observatory
  • Tour points of interest along the border areas including the Iron Fence Zone, Aegibong Peak, and Yeonmijeong Pavilion
  • Learn more about the Korean War and recent events from an English speaking guide
  • Transfers to your accommodation in Seoul included

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Learn more about the Korean War and the scars it has left on this divided peninsula by visiting the Northern Limit Line, the disputed maritime boundary between North and South Korea. Your guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning and proceed to take you to the Northern Limit Line via the Iron Fence Zone along the border. You will be able to see markings of the armistice line that has divided the two Koreas to this day. After registering to enter the non-restricted areas, you will make your first stop at the Aegibong Peak Observatory, where you can catch a glimpse of life in North Korea behind the DMZ. From the observatory, you can see Gaeseong city in North Korea and the military installations that are dotted along the DMZ. North Korea also set up a fake rural model village in this area as a propaganda tool. After this, you will stop by Yeonmijeong Pavilion and see the Han and Imjingang Rivers merge into the sea while enjoying lunch. In the afternoon, visit several more points of interest along the border area and stop by for souvenirs at a local Amethyst Factory or Ginseng Center before heading back to your hotel.

daemyeong harbour visit
Visit naval warships docked in Daemyeong Harbour
Korean War Tour
Learn more about the Korean War which divided the country
Aegibong peak observatory visit
See life in North Korea from the Aegibong Peak
see north korea tour
Catch a glimpse of life behind the bamboo curtain in North Korea
Pyeonghwa (peace) Nurigil Road
Walk down the Pyeonghwa Nurigil Road, a symbol of hope and unification in Korea
DaeMyeong Harbor & Fish Market
Visit the DaeMyeong Harbor & Fish Market and immerse yourself among the locals

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