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Công viên Địa nhiệt Hell Gate

Experience New Zealand's natural geothermal wonders

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  • Includes admission and a 1.5 hour guided tour of the Hell's Gate Geothermal Park in Rotorua, and complimentary transfers from Rotorua
  • Take a guided or self-guided interactive tour of New Zealand’s most active geothermal reserve, see erupting waters, an active mud volcano, land coral and a hot waterfall
  • Hell's Gate Spa is a must-try New Zealand Experience! Try out a mud foot pool and experience the healing properties of sulphur waters.
  • Get a chance to lather up in mud, exfoliate and cleanse in the sulphur spa
  • Try your hand at Maori carving and learn about the area's history from your experienced guide

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Hell's Gate Geothermal Walk

The Hell's Gate Experience

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The Hells Gate geothermal park is home to New Zealand's largest active mud volcano and the Southern Hemisphere's largest hot waterfall, as well as several other natural features. On your guided tour you'll not only learn about these natural wonders, but also the history and culture of the local Maori people and the significance of this land to their ancestors. It's a fun and interactive experience where you'll be able to touch and feel the three different types of mud produced here, from the silky grey mud to the cold white mud- ask your guide about the healing properties of each one! Watch as the landscape changes around you and as you walk through clouds of steam and past points of legendary significance. After the tour, you'll have the choice to explore the park on your own or be tempted to take a soak in one of the healing mud baths.

Hells Gate geothermal park geyser
Feel the excitement as the geysers erupt at Hell's Gate geothermal park
Hells Gate geothermal park
Explore New Zealand's largest active mud volcano and take a wander through the atmospheric and steamy landscape
hell's gate mud
Get your hands into the smooth grey volcanic mud and discover its rarified medicinal properties
hell's gate cooking pool
The pools get so hot that you can actually cook food in them!

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