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Lặn Biển & Lặn Ống Thở ở Động Xanh Làng Onna

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  • Explore the cerulean beauty of Onna Village’s Blue Cave through your choice of scuba diving or snorkeling
  • Visit this location on Naha Island and be entranced by this ethereal cave illuminated by a dazzling blue light
  • Certified guides will ensure your safety in every step of the way and will share their expert advice
  • This activity is ideal for the entire family as it welcomes children as young as six to participate

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Scuba Diving

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There's nothing quite like immersing yourself in the magical world beneath the sea and interacting with the weird and wonderful creatures that reside there. The crystal clear waters around the Blue Cave offer this and more so get ready for a memorable and atmospheric dive into a one-of a-kind cave. Feel the rush of excitement as your eyes adjust to the cave's darkness and the dazzling blue light beneath you gets brighter and brighter! Come face to face with the variety of friendly wildlife from angel fish to eagle rays. Due to the calm waters of the cave, its a great activity for those new to scuba diving and snorkeling, plus the expert guides will be there to help you every step of the way. Be sure to capture your friends and family amidst the sparkling blue waters with the free water proof camera provided. Share in the excitement of this unique activity with all family members!

blue cave onna village
Discover the sparkling blue waters of Onna with Klook's discount tickets!
blue cave scuba diving okinawa
All snorkel and scuba equipment included
blue cave snorkel okinawa
Explore the diverse marine ecosystems at the bottom of the ocean
onna village underwater activities
Get up close and personal with the vibrant wildlife

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