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Queenstown Rifle Shooting Experience - Clay Targets

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  • Add a new skill to your skillset with a memorable rifle shooting experience in Queenstown
  • Enjoy numerous panoramic views as you find and aim your targets in the vast shooting ranges
  • Learn from a team of expert shooters on how to put your firearms to action with precaution and safety
  • Experience varying degrees of rifles including the 22LR and shotgun

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Rifle Shooting Experience (SHA005)

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US$ 105.19

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Add some spice to your adventure in New Zealand with an exhilarating gun shooting experience in Queenstown. Enjoy a memorable outdoor experience in the shooting ranges owned by the Southern Hunting Adventures, a hunting company providing shooting and hunting training for all ages and fitness levels. A professional team will be there to escort and train you on how to carry, hold, and shoot a gun from 25 meters up to 1680 meters, as authorized by the New Zealand Police. Become a better shooter as you encounter different kinds of firearms including the 22LR and shotgun, all of which will be broken down to you in terms of action and safety. Learn five officially certified rifle firing positions for as long as you want as this package offers no time limit, providing plenty of room for improvement.

rifle training in the lush fauna of the shooting ranges in queenstown
Revel in the natural vistas of Queenstown has to offer in a heart-stopping rifle shooting experience
trainer from the southern hunting adventures teaching a young boy how to aim an ak-47
Bring your friends and family on a unique experience and become a better shooter in less than a day
rifle aiming at a random tree
Roam freely and aim at a target from 25 meters up to 1680 meters of the vast region
backdrop of queenstown in the southern hunting adventures shooting ranges
Immerse in nature and marvel at the gorgeous postcard views of Queenstown

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What To Wear:

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes

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