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Vé Đấu Trường La Mã, Quảng Trường La Mã và Đồi Palatine ở Rome

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Please note that from the 6th of August a COVID green certificate with proof of full vaccination, recovery or a PCR test is required for visitors (+12) to enter cultural and leisure venues in Italy. Check the website of the Italian government or the attraction's official website for more information. For other info on the health & hygiene measures please check the activity highlights or things to note below
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  • Discover the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill - the most important sites of Ancient Rome
  • Pretend you're a gladiator for a day by going to the ancient world's largest amphitheater known as the Colosseum
  • Learn about Rome’s ancient history and culture by wandering through its world renowned and breathtaking monuments up close and at your own pace
  • Take advantage from several admission tickets now available on Klook (skip-the-line, audio guide, escorted entry, special access to the Arena Floor)

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Colosseum Escorted Entry ticket

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Marvel at the wonders of ancient Rome with tickets to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill! Escape the agonizing queues of tourists at the ticket office and skip the lines to enter Rome’s most iconic landmark, the Colosseum! Explore one of the most magnificent structures of ancient times where thousands of epic battles have taken place for fame, sport, and glory. See the Colosseum Underground, chambers embedded with rich history in every wall before making a stop at the Roman Forum. This rectangular plaza was where the marketplace was located, considered to be the center of ancient society, and the very site of many important Roman government buildings. After visiting the Roman Forum, Palatine is an ideal location 40 meters above the plaza for a breathtaking view of the ancient ruins. With fast track admission, experience climbing up the hill where Rome was founded and explore the ruins of Rome’s original inhabitants. Enjoy Colosseum tickets with skip the line access to make the most of your trip to Rome!

Experience the magnificence of the Colosseum with ease using your skip-the-line ticket!
roman forum
Visit the ruins of the once important government buildings of ancient Rome
Uncover the rich Roman history embedded in the walls of the Colosseum
roman forum
Stroll across the Roman Forum and see imposing landmarks like the Arco di Settimio Severo and the Curia

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Insider Tips:

  • Book a special access through the Gladiator's Gate to the arena floor that has a long history of battles
  • Book a hosted entry by the professional staff on site to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, and then explore the Colosseum on your own
  • Take control of your own itinerary by booking a digital self-guided tour of Rome’s top attractions in the language of your choice

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