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  • Come aboard the Moby Dick and smell the sea, feel the breeze, hear the ocean, and be at complete ease!
  • Get to enjoy a beautiful Okinawan sunset and a delicious dinner while listening to the live performances on deck
  • See Naha come alive in the evening with magical lights everywhere if you take the night cruise
  • Whether you pick the sunset cruise or the night cruise, both will be memorable experiences for the family
  • You can choose to enjoy live performances and delicious authentic dinners on the 2F restaurant, or enjoy the sea breeze, waves, and luxury boat BBQ on the 3F open deck

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Emerald Course (2F)

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What can be a better way to see the beautiful sights of Naha, Okinawa than by a romantic evening or sunset cruise? Aboard the Moby Dick ship, you'll be greeted by a cozy ambiance and friendly Japanese staff members who'll make you feel like you're right at home. If you decide on riding the sunset cruise, this package offers an amazing panorama view of the sea while the sun sinks deeper and deeper into the ocean, creating an unparalleled view of the Okinawan skies. Want another option? The Moby Dick night cruise allows you to see the Naha cityscape come alive with beautiful lights all around. Both cruises serve delicious dinner courses (you may pick which course you'd like to consume in the package section) and guarantee fun live entertainment to make sure you're in for a wonderful evening ahead. Experience a night of luxury when you go on board the Moby Dick and see Naha like you never have before!

moby dick cruise inside
Spend time with your friends and family over dinner, a wonderful view, and entertainment on the Moby Dick
sunset moby dick cruise
Witness the sky blend with a variation of shades and colors when you're aboard the Moby Dick sunset cruise
night cruise moby dick
Nothing beats a better view than the evening Naha skyline, which comes alive with multiple lights
Chef's Recommended Diamond Course with Lobster and Beef Taliata
Ruby Course with Ruby Course with Kume Island Prawn and Red Sea Bream Aqua Pazza
The most popular Emerald Course with French style Fish Poele, Steamed Pork and Brustwurst
Coral Course with Fish in Sweet Chilli Sauce and Japanese style Vapeur Chicken
BBQ platter aboard the Moby Dick Cruise
Or choose to have fun with BBQ of the deck from April to November! You'll be sure to enjoy the cool sea breeze!

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