Hirano Shrine Sakura Festival

Springtime in Japan heralds the coming of the sakura season where the country's entire landscape suddenly bursts into pink. As this bloom often only lasts a week or two, this half day tour allows you to view the very best sakura in Kansai day and night. The first stop on your cherry route is the Japan Mint, with vibrant gardens home to over 300 cherry trees containing over 100 different varieties. As this site is only open for one week a year to the general public, and arguably the best place for sakura viewing in the Kansai area - it's a sight you won't want to miss! Afterwards, you’ll head to the traditional district of Arashiyama, cross the famous bridge to enjoy the stunning pink reflection of the blossoms in the water. You’ll then arrive at the ancient Hirano Shrine in Kyoto, where the sakura festival has been celebrated ever since Emperor Kazan's reign in 985. Here you can sit beneath the canopy of pink blossoms as you enjoy a Japanese desert and drink and watch the beautiful cherries light up against the sky as it gets darker.

Keukenhof Garden Tour

Visit the Keukenhof Gardens and stroll through a sea of flowers. Europe's largest flower garden boasts 7 million flowers of different varieties and colors, representing the best of Dutch floriculture. Generally, the flowers are at full bloom in late April or early May, but the timing will change from year to year due to weather conditions. Keukenhof Gardens also hosts many special events throughout the year that are great opportunities to experience local Dutch culture while touring the gardens. “Dutch Design” is the 2017 theme for the Keukenhof Gardens and you will see a spectacular exhibition of local artistry and design throughout the park. Tours depart three times daily from Amsterdam, with extra departures during peak season, and the bus ride is about 45 minutes each way. Get fast track admission into the park so you will not have to queue for tickets then explore on your own time for 5 hours before heading back.



Taiwan Tea Culture Tour

Travel to the land of tea and discover marvelous landscapes on the tour of Thousand Island Lake and Pinglin Tea Plantation. The 5 hour trip is a true retreat for the soul, letting you leave the hustle and bustle and experience complete "oneness" with nature. Capture breathtaking views of endless rows of green mountains and terraced tea plantations. Embark on this adventure early in the morning - you will be conveniently picked up from your hotel in Taipei. Your first stop is the enchanting Thousand Island Lake, also known as Qiandao Lake. The green hills surrounding the lake make it look as if it’s home to numerous floating miniature islands. Go on to visit Pinglin Tea Plantation and see how some of the world’s most famous tea is grown. Here, you can also stop by Pinglin Tea Museum and go on to indulge in some local tea tasting and chat with a tea expert about the best ways to brew the perfect pot of tea.

Gangreung Romantic Day Tour

Spend the day outside the hustle and bustle of Seoul in the mountains of east Korea. Make sure to arrive early at the pick up points in the city, since the bus will depart promptly for Gangreung. After a two and half hour bus ride, you will arrive in the coastal city and begin your activities. The first stop will be Gyeongpo Lake, where you can stroll around or ride bicycles depending on your package choice. There will be plenty of food for purchase for lunch around the lakeside. Afterwards, the group will head over to Gyeongmun Beach for some ocean views and local artwork. This is a great spot to take some pictures! You’ll also make a stop at the future Olympic Park that is being set up for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Afterwards, there will time for ziplining at Solbaram Bridge (if booked). Finally, before heading back, make a stop at Youngjin Beach, and re-enact one of the most famous scenes from the KDrama "The Goblin".



Mt. Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Spend a memorable day outside of Tokyo on this seasonal tour to the 2017 Mt. Fuji Shibazakura Festival. The unique pink, purple, and white shibuzakura flowers are in full bloom for a few weeks every year between April and May and provide a stunning setting to see Mt. Fuji. Stroll through the sea of colorful blossoms as you behold Japan’s most famous mountain. Have lunch by the Kawaguchiko Lake and then get closer to Mt. Fuji as you drive up to the 5th Station, the closest vehicle accessible station to the summit. Afterwards, head down the mountain to spend time at Katsunuma for strawberry picking. Pick fresh Japanese strawberries right from the vine and eat as many as you like before heading back to Tokyo.

Kyoto Sakura Day Trip

Springtime in Japan heralds the coming of the sakura season where the country's entire landscape experiences a sudden burst of pink. However, as this bloom often doesn’t last more than a week, this tour allows you to view the very best of Kyoto’s sakura season all in one day. Following your departure from the Kyoto pick up points, you’ll arrive in the tranquil district of Arashiyama where you’ll explore the magical bamboo forest set against stunning mountain scenery before enjoying a traditional lunch. Afterwards, hop onboard the Sagano Romantic Train, an old fashioned train that winds through a spectacular forested ravine and the famous cherry blossom tunnel. The slow pace of the train also gives you plenty of time to savour the breathtaking scenery and snap a few photos. You’ll then explore the UNESCO site of Nijo Castle where you can walk through centuries of Samurai and Shogun history and enjoy the traditional Japanese gardens. After viewing the impressive pink canopy of blooms in Heian Shrine, a partial replica of Kyoto’s original Imperial Court, you’ll end your tour in the Japan Mint. Although this is Japan's agency responsible for the supply of coins it is also famous for its vibrant garden of over 300 cherry trees containing over 100 different varieties. As this site is only open for one week a year to the general public, and arguably the best place for sakura viewing in the Kansai area - it's a sight you won't want to miss!



Tokyo Cherry Blossom Tour

Visit the most picturesque places in Tokyo for cherry blossom season that offer the best viewing experiences. Journey to Japan's most popular places during the season including Showa Memorial Park with over 200 flowering cherry blossom trees, and Chidorigafuchi, a moat located at the Imperial Palace. End your evening onboard the Sumida River boat where you will glide pass the pink blossoms fringing the riverside with traditional furisode dancer entertainment throughout the cruise.

Japanese Flower Viewing

Spend the day outside Tokyo and enjoy Japan's famous flowers in full bloom. This tour will take you to flower gardens at the Hitachi Seaside Park and the Ashikaga Flower Park. You’ll be able to enjoy the sea of blue Nemophila flowers at Hitachi seaside park, with over 4.5 million flowers spread across the grounds. Afterwards, stop for lunch at an all you can eat and drink buffet restaurant with over 130 dishes, including yakiniku, sushi, and more! Burn off some of those calories with an afternoon visit to the Ashikaga Flower Park, one of CNN’s Top Dream Destinations. The park features the famous Fuji flower, wisterias, and the spectacular 80m Flower Tunnel. Marvel at the explosion of colors at this park and lose yourself in the beauty of the flowers as you stroll through the tunnels and arches.



Takato Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom viewing in Japan is an event that cannot be missed. With this day tour to witness Japan covered in a silky pink silhouette, you will first be picked up at Nagoya Station by a driver and an English speaking tour guide. You will then be taken to Kozen-ji Temple, one of the largest temples in the area that is commonly known for being difficult to access without driving. Next, you will head to Takato Castle Ruins Park, reputedly one of the three best locations to see cherry blossoms in Japan, along with Hirosaki Castle and Yoshinoyama. In the late evening, you will travel to Narai-juku of Nakasendo, a beautiful historic town where ancient architecture still stands today. At the end of your trip, you will be taken back to Nagoya Station to end a perfect day.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

The sleepy naval town of Jinhae has a surprise in store for you - it’s home to one of the most beautiful and famous festivals in Korea, the Cherry Blossom Festival! Signature pink blossoms fill up the village and you will have a hard time stopping yourself from taking countless pictures of the unique scenery. Depart early in the morning and catch Jinhae at noon, take a break over a relaxing lunch and go on the tour of Yeojwacheon Stream, well-known as the best spot for watching the magical cherry blossoms. It is also the location of the famous bridge that was the meeting place of two main characters in the 2002 TV series "Romance", hence the name - Romance Bridge. Your next stop is Gyeonghwa Station, another great observation stop where rows of cherry trees go into blossom along the 800 meter long railway.


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