Save EUR 70+ traveling around Europe!

Receive a set of 5 transport coupons with just EUR 20!

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Where can I apply the coupons?

Adding flexibility to your trip with a wide selection of transports!

Eurail and Interrail Rail passes

Eurail Interrail

How to use the coupons?

Follow the guide below!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Orders will be confirmed instantly. Please contact the customer support center if you did not receive confirmation information.
  2. The value pack will expire after 3 months of purchase.
  3. Free cancelation on the value pack before expiry and usage.
  4. Partial and full refund/reissuance/extension on the value pack is not allowed when at least one coupon is used at expiration.
  5. Return on coupons:

i. If you cancel a whole booking that is made with a coupon:

  • Any non-expired coupons will be returned to your account when the refund amount equals or exceeds the cancellation fee. Otherwise, no coupons will be returned.
  • Any expired coupons will not be returned to your account

ii. If you cancel part of your booking and request for a partial refund

  • no coupons will be returned.

iii. If the booking is canceled due to uncontrollable reasons (eg. train strikes)

  • Any non-expired coupons will be returned to your account"
  1. The availability of each transport product varies depending on the actual supply conditions. Please refer to the separate transport product pages on the "Where can I apply the coupons" section above for coverage and availability. Early bookings are encouraged to avoid any stock-out and issues.
  2. A minimum spending of EUR 200 is required when using the Car Rental coupon.
  3. Maximum discounts apply. Please refer to the "Discount details" section on activity page for details.
  4. Users are allowed to use only 1 coupon for each transaction. These coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other Klook promo codes.
  5. Should any disputes arise, Klook reserves the right of final decision.