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Su Teng Review of
"Dragon Kiln Pottery Workshop"
30 May 2018
Fun and interesting activity especially for family with kids.
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  • EILIN 16 Jun 2018
    We went on a full house day so it felt busy but still lots of fun. The instructors were very nice and helpful. Don’t expect to be handheld closely or create a perfect piece, you’ll have to enjoy the process of creating, exploring and relaxing on your own to get the most out of it. We went with three young kids so we adults did much of the work but it was a really good bonding activity. For the potters wheel experience, other than playing with clay on your own, the instructor will handhold you to make something standard so don’t worry if you mess up at the wheel by yourself! The whole place is a very nice bonus - great greenery (love the hidden pond) and wooded/bamboo architecture that house an amazing collection. it’s nothing like anywhere else in Singapore.
  • Mabel 7 Jun 2018
    It was a wonderful experience for my children and me. My children had so much fun making their own cups for the very first time! Quite a therapeutic + bonding session for us too. The instructors are also friendly and approachable. We'll definitely make time to return for another round when possible!
  • Ann Jee 31 May 2018
    is a great experience to build something for ourself, a short escape for myself & my partner from the big city.
  • Yim 30 May 2018
    It is fun and a great experience for my daughter. She absolutely loves the clay making sessions with her friends. We will be back for more.
  • Su Teng 30 May 2018
    Fun and interesting activity especially for family with kids.
  • Chee Yong 27 May 2018
    Interesting and fun experience to create your masterpiece.
  • Murakawa 2 Sep 2018
    I participated alone, I made a cup and a cup. Cup creation will be main. Creation of tea cups was completed in a blink of an eye. Make a cup with feeling like a paper viscosity work at elementary school, decorate, paint the last color finish
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