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Debbie Jing Ying Review of
"4G WiFi (SG Pick Up) for Thailand"
21 Jan 2018
The worse wifi i ever had. The previous time i ordered which was about 6 months ago, the wifi was unstable but still acceptable. This time, the only useable apps were my whatsapp and telegram.. which a msg takes like an average of 20 secs to send out. Its just rly bad.
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Reviews (23) 4.2
  • Jinshu 17 Sep 2018
    The device connection was very fast. Easy to collect and return at People’s Park Complex.
  • DIYLS 2 Sep 2018
    battery was good and could last the day; good connectivity would highly recommend this wifi pod.
  • TIEN CHIN 27 Aug 2018
    Pick up at the shop was fast and convenient. Easy to use and connection was good. Highly recommend and will definitely loan again next time.
  • Ngai Keen 9 Aug 2018
    easy to use. Network connectivity was good. no issue of signal lost. Battery life not bad. can last from morning till early night.
  • Aqua Joy 6 Jul 2018
    Highly recommended and must have. Great help especially if you want you use grab app. Thanks Klook👍
  • Thong Mong 19 Jun 2018
    Reliable connection. Easy to use. Highly recommended.
  • shally 8 May 2018
    Hard to find but worth it. Good deal good deal. Buy buy buy
  • Melissa 16 Apr 2018
    Super convenient to pick up and use. No complaints at all regarding connectivity and battery life
  • Bryan 30 Mar 2018
    Internet connection relatively good and stable, wifi speed is pretty standard, considered that it isnt 4G. The router's battery life span is dependant on how many devices its connected to and how much data are theee devices using.. If the devices consume alot of data, the battery for the router will deplete in 4hours+. Again, it depends on your usage. Really thumbs up and worth the money as well! :)
  • Agnes 14 Mar 2018
    Wifi signal was intermittent. Think it's because it's 3.5G and that's why the signal was not strong.