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Sella Review of
"Wednesday Horse Races Crawl"
31 Mar 2017
totally a must do when in HK! meet new friends, watch the horse race and party till you drop!
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Reviews (25) 4.3
  • Ine* 14 Sep 2017
    You have much free time ( 2 Hours) at the horserace. After that you go on pub crawl. 100 HKD is a good price!
  • Ia* 14 Sep 2017
    We couldn't make it unfortunately but letting you know the support team at Klook are lovely
  • Ying*** 7 Sep 2017
    Super fun and staffs were super nice!!!!!!! Definitely will book next time when I'm there!
  • Bill* 7 Sep 2017
    The early meeting point was changed to Ruggers, not the exact ruggers opposite the initial point , there is another Ruggers further down the street. So basically for the tour , you arrive, have a shot and have some beers / cocktails/dinner if ya'all in the mood. Then you move on to the race course . You get bet slips , free beer voucher and some time to view the races and bet. After that you take a ding ding to pub crawls. I left before the pub crawl as there are some packing to do before the early flight the next day. Friendly operators , definitely reccomended
  • Jungky* 6 Sep 2017
    Information about the location of a horrible memory is incorrect and the bar is forced to drink. It couldn’t be worse.
  • Jennife* 21 Jul 2017
    The restaurant were we met was excellent - Shack Tapazaka. The races were also excellent however the two Tour guides were rude, totally disorganised. The group was too large for them to handle. 1/4 of the group were left behind by the guides on the street after the races to board a Tram to another bar, we were given no destination, luckily an experienced Races Crawl guy was in our group and took control. We booked Horse Race Crawl and T Shirt no t-shirt was provided on the night, however they were delivered to our hotel two days later.
  • ine* 29 Jun 2017
    Nice meeting with the group for the horse races crawl ! See you next time !
  • kuih* 22 Jun 2017
    경마 배팅 경험 재미 있었고 중간 중간 공연도 있어서 좋았음
  • Visha* 3 Jun 2017
    Super awesome experience for me. Worth a visit while you are in Hong Kong. What a value trip as you also get a free pub crawl with this . Both were awesome , SERIOUSLY
  • lupe* 29 May 2017
    I got these tickets for my visiting friends and they had a good time.